Wedding Planner in Santorini, Greece.
April 11, 2017
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May 16, 2017
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Santorini Wedding Planner

Santorini Wedding Planner

Santorini wedding planner guides

Only a well-planned event can make a really big impression and exceed your expectations! So where to begin? Santorini wedding planner Mervellous Wedding here for you. When is the best time to do it? How to find the right approach? A wedding planner with long experience, Marina Gruzdeva, has the answers to all these questions.

Santorini wedding planner guide #1

1. The place does matter.

Thinking about a venue to hold a wedding ceremony you should consider if it complies with all your requests. One of the top places to have a wedding ceremony is the island of Santorini. It fascinates with the beauty and high service level, has a variety of services promising to satisfy even the most demanding young couples’ preferences.


Santorini wedding planner guide #2

2. A good weeding planner is the necessary person in your wedding.

How much is there to plan for getting your dream wedding? To order, check, advice, etc. Not to waste your time and resources looking for exactly what you need, benefit from the experience of a wedding planner who is ready to take care of all issues. The ceremony won’t be so colorful and emotional, if you spend too much energy preparing for your marriage. The advantage of having a wedding planner is that she will make your wedding unforgettable according to your wishes.

Santorini wedding planner guide #3

3. Wedding venue test drive

Once you determine about the place of your wedding, a nice solution would be to travel there a few months before the celebration. This will enable you not only to see in life everything you need, but to spend a lovely time together. Moreover, you can meet your wedding planner to discuss all your questions and nuances. You will be able to taste local cuisine and select the best dishes for your marriage. In addition, you will have a chance to test different kinds of services you can choose from.

Santorini wedding planner guide #4

4. Professional photographer plays an important role in every wedding.

You should consider this carefully because emotions in the photos will cherish your memories for the entire life. To get only joyful memories from the pictures, you need to find “your” photographer. Don’t lose a chance to look through the wedding photo galleries of photographers you are interested in, read feedbacks from their customers and ask about them your wedding planner. A nice idea would be to make a love-story photo session in advance. For example, do it during a wedding venue test drive, so that you could check the professional level of a photographer and to know how he fits you.

Santorini wedding planner guide #1

5. Necessary things

If you take your dress with, make sure it is not late during the flight. Better if you take it as a hand baggage. Besides, you should be aware of the marriage laws in this country to prepare all necessary documents. Hiring a wedding planner definitely eases out the work load on the documents and helps you to decide on other questions.

Santorini wedding planner guide #5

6. Bring joy to guests

Your guests also overcome a long way to your wedding. A great idea will be ordering a field trip with an individual guide on any other day, so that the celebration won’t finish too fast. This trip will bring a lot of impressions and enable you to dig into the local culture.

Santorini wedding planner guide #6

7. Just relax!

While holding a wedding in another country, a wonderful opportunity is that you can spend here a honeymoon. This is a really good idea, as you have enough time to wholly enjoy charming landscapes and atmosphere of this country together with the one, you love.


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