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The church wedding ceremony in Santorini.
June 28, 2017
Wedding in Santorini – Greek tradition.
August 9, 2017
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Santorini wedding planner

Santorini wedding planner

 Santorini wedding planner: 10 tips for those who marry in Greece.

I have been a wedding planner in Greece for more than 15 years, and I know all the details of this event. I am happy to tell you the main tips that will help you make this day unforgettable!

Santorini wedding planner: Wedding venue test drive.

It’s very important that a venue should meet your expectations. And not to get any unpleasant surprises, it would be a great idea to spend there several days coming couple of months before the wedding. This is not only a good chance to taste a restaurant’s cuisine you’ve chosen and decide about the dishes. But it’s also a good opportunity to meet the wedding planner to discuss all details together.

Santorini wedding planner

 Santorini wedding planner: Take care of guests.

They also do a long way flying to another country to your wonderful event. Since you are already in Greece, an excellent idea will be to book an excursion with a professional guide. It will give them a lot of impressions and keep it in memory for many years!

 Santorini wedding planner: Don’t forget about the beauty of nature

One of the five top popular places for a wedding is Santorini Island. It is famous with its views and volcanoes. A good variant for holding wedding ceremony will be one of the venues with the view of a volcano. Santorini will please you with a large choice of the wedding venues for all tastes. Here is important to remember about the amount of guests, so that the place could meet your expectations.

 Santorini wedding planner: Paperwork.

To have a wedding ceremony under the Greek marriage laws, you need to prepare all necessary documents. It will be better if a qualified person, for example, a wedding planner, will help you with the paperwork. It will save your time and you won’t have to worry about it.

Santorini wedding planner

Santorini wedding planner

 Santorini wedding planner: Arrange the right time for the ceremony.

Since the Greek climate is quite hot, it’s better if you won’t have the ceremony at noon in summer. For example, it’s very hot at 15.00 p.m. in August. That’s why arrange such a time, so that you and your guests could feel comfortable.

 Santorini wedding planner: Bride and groom’s look.

Find some comfortable shoes. On the wedding day you’ll need to move a lot. It will be good for the bride if she meets her stylist for a trial make-up and hair. Because on this big day she must be sure she looks absolutely irresistible! Don’t forget about the climate in Greece and use the high temperature resistant cosmetics. If the groom is going to do a haircut, it’s better to do it one week before the wedding. So that it will not be an unexpected surprise for you.

 Santorini wedding planner: Essential additions.

The style and decorations play very important role in the wedding. They should highlight the wedding theme. Strive for the simplicity; choose natural colors in flower bouquets. If in the past young couples chased the luxuriousness and extravagance, now the natural materials in decorations are increasingly popular. Choose wood, natural fabrics, and neutral, calm tones.

Santorini wedding planner

Santorini wedding planner

 Santorini wedding planner: Possible windiness.

Set the wedding decorations, so that the wind couldn’t strip them away in the most important moment. If the bride is going to let her hair down, remember that in strong wind they can blow. Work out a “Plan B” hairstyle when it’s beautifully tied up.

 Santorini wedding planner: Alternative to the classic arch.

It’s not necessary to set a standard wedding arch for the ceremony. Make it in such a way, that it could tell about your own story and individuality. You can use 3D letters with your initials or make an original flower composition or decorated wood doors. Don’t be afraid to live out your fantasies!

 Santorini wedding planner: Just relax.

Since you are already in Greece, it can become a good place for your honeymoon! You will certainly enjoy the beautiful sea, incredible views, stunning sunsets and much more!


Every wedding is unique. And Greece is one of the best places for such a big day. Let this event bring emotions to keep in memory the whole life!


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