Wedding planner in Santorini
Santorini wedding planner Marvellous Wedding.
February 20, 2017

Wedding Planner in Santorini

Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding


12 months before the wedding

  • Decide on the wedding date
  • Develop the concept of the event and find out the budget
  • Manage the guest list


10 months before the wedding

  • Choose the wedding venue
  • Name your witnesses and select the bridesmaids
  • Look through bridal magazines to get some  creative ideas


8 months before the wedding

  • Time to choose a gown!
  • And buy the rings!
  • View videographers and photographers portfolio and to make a choice!


6 months before the wedding

  • Time to work on a design project and floral concept
  • Design your invitations!
  • Gather the necessary documents for civil ceremony


 4 months before the wedding

  • Choose a destination for the honeymoon!
  • Help the future husband to choose a suit!
  • Time to buy accessories, those important little details …


2 months before the wedding

  • Haven’t got  a DJ for your party yet, it’s  high time!
  • Send the menus to the guests for the final selection
  • Get gifts for  your guests


  6 weeks before the wedding

  • Be sure to make a rehearsal make-up and hairstyle
  • Decide on how your wedding cake will look like
  • Check whether all invitees decided where they will stay


 4 weeks before the wedding

  • Send the invitations to all your guests!
  • Get a wedding notebook to record important ideas and details
  • Final trial of the dress with make-up and hairstyle


  2 weeks before the wedding

  • Organize the bachelor party.
  • Confirm the sitting list for the reception
  • Share the jobs between friends and family


1 week before the wedding

  • Prepare everything for the wedding photo shoot
  • Walk on the details concerning the ceremony and dinner.
  • Place your beauty: a haircut, make Spa treatments


  1 day before wedding

  • Make manicure and pedicure
  • Check the timing with your vendors
  • On the eve  relax and go to bed early


The  Wedding day

  • The day came!
  • Feel every moment!
  • Be happy!

Wedding Planner in Santorini

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