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August 9, 2017
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October 13, 2017

Wedding-day timeline.

Wedding-day timeline is what you need to think out with every detail in advance. We use an individual approach to every wedding. However, there are some general schedules that can vary for every couple. For example, in case of having an evening ceremony, the timetable will be shifted to the noon.


10:00 Good morning, bride!

Not to begin the morning in a hurry, you need to devote enough time to this process. A make-up artist and stylist come in the morning. The bride must especially care about her skin before this big day. If her skin is not perfect, make-up cannot hide it. Find a comfortable place for doing make-up and hairdo because you will have to sit until your total look is ready. As for a manicure, I would recommend you to do this a few days before. This is a very special morning for the bride; a photographer takes beautiful pictures and videographer record all the process. It’s better to go to bed earlier on the eve of the celebration. You need to be full of energy, and for this you should get enough sleep. Moreover, don’t stay in the burning sun for a long time a day before the wedding. It is desirable to have breakfast  this morning because you will have a very full and long day. Get ready your handbag in advance. You need to take all necessary things (water, a second pair of comfortable shoes, lip gloss, matting tissues and other important stuff).

14.00 Ceremony. Meeting the bride and groom.

By this time, a transfer should already bring all the guests to the venue of the ceremony. The groom stands by the arch and waits for the bride. After the official ceremonial part the guests congratulate the young married couple. A great idea will be a small buffet with canape and drinks. Except for your own photos don’t forget about the guests. They have come from far away to share these wonderful moments with you! You can take both a  photo with all of them and small groups. The guests will be happy to take a few pictures with you to remember.


15:30 Wedding photo shoot

The bride and groom go by car to a photo session. This time should also be planned for the guests. To make it more interesting, many couples order am excursion or unique Santorini wine tasting. As an alternative, you can do a shooting before the ceremony. It won’t make the guests to wait till the bride and groom get back, and everybody can go to the banquet directly from the ceremony. If all guests go to the excursion, aware to take comfortable shoes with, as there can be some pedestrian walkways. Nobody wants to get a bad impression about the tour around such a beautiful island!

19.00 The beginning of the wedding reception!

The banquet begins with salads and appetizers. Greek dancers, Santorinian musical group, Dj and many others to your taste can be included in the entertainment program.  It’s up to you, to do the festivity like a traditional one – with Santorini dancers, sirtaki and smashing plates, or more classic! This also depends on the guests. Or you may want to do all-night party after a wedding menu! In any case, cutting a wedding cake, last dance and fireworks are the essential part of any program!

23:50. The end of the wedding-day.

Arrival of transfers to deliver newlyweds and guests to the hotel. The wedding planner lets the vendors go, dismantles the decorations and gathers forgotten things, if there are any.

Not to end this big day too fast, almost everybody goes on celebrating it the next day. They do it as a late brunch or private sea cruise enjoying one of the most famous sunsets in the world.

We build an individual timeline for every couple, but will be happy if these general notes are useful for you! In case you have some questions on the timeline, contact us. We will be glad to help you!


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