About: Santorini Wedding Planner "Marvellos Wedding".

❤ "One of the best decisions that we have made was to ask Marina to plan our wedding! She was absolutely amazing and dedicated all the time that was needed to create the most amazing event. Marina is very experienced wedding planner with loads of amazing ideas and we realised that straight away. She knows exactly how things are done, pros and cons and timeframes. Everything she advised was on point and worked perfectly with the concept of our wedding. Marina guided us from the very beginning until the very end and even days after. She was present at the wedding day from early morning to late at night after everyone has left, making sure that the whole wedding day goes smoothly and without unexpected hiccups. We cannot recommend her enough and thank her enough for making our dream wedding day come through!

Katarina Kumbatiadis

About: Santorini Wedding Planner "Marvellos Wedding".

Our wedding planner made our wedding adventure as we imagined and more! ❤️Marina was always on top of everything and kept clear communication about all aspects of our destination wedding in Santorini!We live in US and to trust someone to plan and organize everything based on our choices and visions was hard to think of until I spoke with Marina and she was able to understand my vision and she kept her promises that everything will be fine! It was beyond fine! We didn't do package wedding but had verifies idears tonput together as puzzle and we did together with our wedding planner trusting her authenticity and her clear understanding of what we wanted! Our wedding day was beautiful and we are beyond happy! I interviewed different wedding planners and she was the right choice for us! We will always hire Marina when we have other events in Greece! Santorini is the most beautiful unique and memorable island everyone must visit at least once in lifetime.️


"We still feel a kind of euphoria that we want to keep forever ... Thank Marina for turning this day into a real fairy tale! We had no doubts in the correctness of the decision to appeal to you. Now we know what the perfect wedding means: when you are overwhelmed with great emotions and everything around filled with love and happiness without fuss and nerves. Frankly speaking, we can say that a huge part of the whole atmosphere is the merit of Marina. You are very creative and talented person! Let all your dreams come true and every new wedding will be more beautiful ... We, in turn, believe you the best planner in the world))

Olga Magere

"Finally we came to say thank you to the wonderful wedding planner and a nice person Marina! Our wedding took place on October 7. We still have fond memories that warm our hearts. Having seen our wedding photos after a while, I can say that this was really fabulous. Like it didn't happen with us. Marina helped us a lot as far as had to change the planner one week prior to the wedding. We are very fortunate that we were advised to Marina. I think everybody in Santorini knows her and her family. In addition, she loves her job, she sincerely wishes happiness and prosperity to her pairs. She had not forgotten a single detail, although she had only one week yo arrange everything. It's very nice to look at how people are drawn to her. We learned a lot of interesting facts about the island and the life on it as a whole. We had nothing to worry and had a wonderful day, which I'm sure will remember for a long time ... Thank you very much !!! Our family will always remember your help, Marina!


"Marina, thank you very much for our fairy tale !!! It's been 2 weeks since we came back, but still can not get fully involved in the habitual rhythm of work :)) It all started with the fact that during the preparation for the ceremony on the fabulous island of Santorini, we have been chosen whom to entrust this important and responsible mission of the organization . Reviewed a huge number of sites, met with the Moscow organizers, with the organizers in our city, I communicated by email with different planners as a result we have chosen the local agency! And I'm really happy that we made the right choice! With Marina we corresponded by e-mail, chat on Skype ... wrote each other kilometers of letters:)) Marina reacted to my "cockroaches in my head," with full understanding. From time to time we changed the musicians, the flowers, the cake ... Marina advised us on how to do better :) And here's the most important day! Everything was like a fairy tale! Everything was planned to the last detail, everything was clearly on schedule! :)) We enjoyed our day. If anyone has questions, write to me :) I'm happy to give advice and help :) Marina, thank you again very much for the most beautiful day!


"I want to thank Marina for the organization of our wedding! To be honest, at first I was a little afraid to organize a celebration somewhere far away and to trust people i don't know. But soon after talking with Marina, I calmed down and realized that she was well aware of this job and I can rely on her in this issue. I have long tormented her with questions about the island, venues, restaurants, decoration, food and many other important details and each time received a quick and exhaustive answer! I also sat for a long time and studied the reviews and pictures of Santorini restaurants on the famous website "Trip Advisor", but as it turned out, the beautiful pictures and the ratings do not always reflect the reality that knows the local resident. For example, next to some restaurant with stunning views and affordable prices there is the track on which donkeys pass... As a result, our choice fell on the restaurant Arthemi with breathtaking views and local kitchen! Everything was well organized - transfers, ceremony, reception, restaurant, fireworks - everything, everything! And we always felt that it isn't only her job but that she was helping us sincerely. This is something that we remember -and we really liked it! Thank you very much for the advice, assistance and organization of our Greek wedding! This day is remembered as the most beautiful and happy! "

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