Theros Wave Bar

Theros Wave Bar looks like a fairy tale place with authentic beach setting and full of romance atmosphere. If you are looking for different Santorini with dreamlike view from every spot, terraces “hovering” over the sea, endless horizon and evocative lighting you will make the right choice. Here you can party until the sunrise  on the beach and on the terraces, enjoying the privacy in one of the most beautiful spots of Santorini. The experienced team of Theros Wave Bar organises everything for you, according to your wishes.

Theros Wave Bar is 15 minutes away from the center of Fira, the capital of Santorini, 20 minutes from Kamari beach and 10 minutes from Perissa beach.

There is a spacious and convenient parking area.

The reception is located at the top main level and two full-service bars.

It can easily accommodate 200 guests (contains 25 round tables) leaving plenty free room for dancing.