Biggest trends to plan your wedding in 2024

Biggest trends to plan your unique wedding in 2022

Planning your wedding in Santorini

Planning your wedding in Santorini. Important tips to know!

Santorini is one of the most popular destinations for weddings in Grece; even locals choose to tie the knot here. And who can blame them? With breathtaking views of the deep blue sea, iconic architecture, and a delicious variety of food and wine, who does not want to get married on this island. 

Biggest trends to plan your wedding in 2024

Santorini is one of the most popular destinations for weddings in Grece; even locals choose to tie the knot here. And who can blame them? With breathtaking views of the deep blue sea, iconic architecture, and a delicious variety of food and wine, who does not want to get married on this island. 

But one thing is dreaming, and a different one is planning. Especially if you are planning a destination wedding and have no idea about the best venues, legal requirements, and trustworthy wedding vendors. It is common for couples to forget about certain important details; that is why as an experienced wedding planner in Santorini, I have gathered a list of important tips to know for your Santorini wedding to be a total success. 

Start planning early.

Since you chose a popular location, you need to know both venues and accommodation book quickly, with up to a year of anticipation. So, our best advice is to look for a hotel, plane tickets, and your wedding venue as soon as 

While weddings in Santorini tend to look similar over the years, every couple wants to make their celebration is unique and especially memorable for their guests. But what can you do to host a unique wedding in 2024? Perhaps you have waited to celebrate this moment for months now, and you want a perfect gathering with attention to detail and a wonderful experience for your loved ones.

That is why we searched through the newest trends 2024 will bring for weddings, and we picked those you must have during your big day, from wedding color trends to decoration and ideas for a day to remember. Keep reading and find the one that will make your 2024 wedding the event of the year.

Color a

One of the most expected trends each year is related to color palettes. And the biggest wedding color trends to plan your wedding in 2024 will not disappoint, with earthy tones for each season of the year and bold ones to make a statement. Don’t worry about it if you are into the traditional color palette because white, blush, and greens are always in trend. But for couples who seek to incorporate unique color palettes, we have some ideas.

–         Jewel tones. Colors transport us to a royal celebration with deep colors like amethyst, jade, ruby, emerald, and mustard. It is the perfect color scheme for a summer or fall wedding; you can choose to mix them all or keep them within the burgundy or green side. Metallics always get along with jewel tones, so keep in mind gold and rose gold as accent colors. Jewel tones are ideal for a formal evening reception.

–         Monochromatic. A trend that started during 2021 and will continue to go strong in 2023 choose one color and find different textures and shades to keep your ceremony and reception interesting. Blush, green, black, white, and dusty blue are some of the favorites; you can adapt the colors depending on the formality of your event. For example, a formal and elegant wedding might suit you perfectly if you choose white or black for a romantic wedding blush and dusty blue. And if you are going for a rustic or bohemian wedding, greenery might suit you well. 

–         Sage. We are looking at all sorts of names for this shade of green, and color authorities say it will be a hit during 2024. So, if you are into soft hues of color, or you want to pair ivory, peach, or blush with another tone, we found a winner. Sage is versatile, and you can incorporate it into a formal, romantic, or laid-back ceremony and reception. For an elegant look, pair sage with gold or white; if you want bohemian vibes, peach or olive green are ideal, romance might be possible with blush or pink shades.

–         Terracotta. What can be more earthy and ideal for your wedding regardless of the season than a terracotta color palette? You can make it as intense or soft as you wish; imagine a deep rust color as your main character, along with peach and some sage for a contrast. Or how about terracotta, blush, and ivory? Such intense colors can turn your wedding into a vibrant celebration. Natural elements like wooden tables and chairs, macrame table runners or hanging decorations, and lots of blooms will make your wedding unique. 

Santorini biggest trends to plan your wedding in 2024 from an experienced Santorini wedding planner.


We have some of the newest Santorini wedding  decoration trends in 2024, so you can choose those that work better with the vision you have for the biggest celebration of your life. Let us start with the two directions you can take and will be trending during 2024 in Santorini wedding: minimalism and maximalism; yes, both are trending and can make your wedding a one-of-a-kind celebration.

–         Minimalist wedding

Minimalism is for you if you are into small details, clean designs, and intimate celebrations. Think about simple color palettes, mainly monochromatic, with small decorations on each table. Perhaps ghost acrylic chairs, an ivory tablecloth with single stems of florals placed inside glass vases. Some tapper candles, a handwritten place card, and a gorgeous but simple ceremony arch. Perhaps a neon sign with a catchy phrase for your guests to take pictures. 

–         Maximalist wedding

Now we head to the opposite side of wedding décor, where more is better, and bigger is greater. Imagine stunning floral installations hanging from the ceiling or covering the entire entrance of your wedding venue. Huge floral walls and centerpieces that have no end or begging. Lush and lavish are some of the best words to describe a maximalist wedding. It is a style that suits well for elegant, romantic, vintage, and bohemian weddings.

Biggest trends to plan your wedding in 2024 photo. Santorini wedding planner tips.

The biggest trends to plan your wedding in 2024 in Santorini

Most of the 2024 trendy wedding ideas provide unique experiences to every guest, so forget about traditional entertainment or timelines; a unique Santorini  2024 Santorini wedding will be filled with activities and probably longer than one day. A wedding usually has three main elements; you have a ceremony, the traditional reception activities such as a toast, dinner, bouquet tossing, and finally, the party including a DJ and dancefloor until the end of the evening.

But 2024 weddings will look slightly different; you can expect many destination weddings with multiple events, like a greeting dinner and cocktails, the wedding day, and an after-wedding brunch. Receptions will have unique elements like fun stations, think about a whiskey or cigar bar, magic, and tarot tables, a painting table, lawn games, and even carnival-inspired activities.

Food will also be an experience on its own; while single-serving food will remain as the main trend, it is being transformed, so every guest enjoys the moment while being safe. You can hire your favorite street food car, perhaps a hot dog car as a midnight snack, tacos, pancakes, waffles, ice cream; the list is endless. Traditional dinners are no longer ruling; you can hire a food truck and treat your guests with amazing dishes.

We believe 2024 is all about embracing  Santorini weddings as unique events that align with what a couple loves the most instead of following old traditions. And this does not mean traditions are left behind, but each couple will keep those close to their heart. Santorini wedding planner thrilled to see how you make your wedding a truly unique event, and we are happy to share with you the biggest wedding trends to plan your wedding in 2024.

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