Destination wedding – classic outdoor Santorini

santorini wedding

Destination wedding – on the blog today i’m presenting you a classic and minimal Santorini destination wedding shared with us by photographer Irina Spirou. How to resist this magnificent view? From the stunning wedding dress to the beautiful white roses this wedding is beyond beautiful! Photographer Irina Spirou said to us: Laura and Aki beautiful wedding took place in Santorini! In the amazing Santorini GEM wedding venue.

destination wedding

This wedding was so exciting, touching and beautiful. And at first glance, the whole action unfolded as if by itself. The fairy tale was woven literally from the air, from the gentle emotions that permeate the atmosphere of the wedding event. Especially it felt in Greece, in one of its most wonderful Island – Santorini. This place seems to be specially designed for lovers who want to connect their hearts in a romantic atmosphere, blessed by heaven.

Wedding planner in Santorini “Marvellous Wedding” was created to meet all your special needs to make this day absolutely unique and unforgettable!

Planning your once-in-a-lifetime event is an extremely responsible and important task for us! Your wedding should be one of the best days of your life!

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