wedding in Santorini

Color palette 2020

Color palette in the season 2020, deep and bright colors come in again!

Pink coral

wedding in Santorini

This season, rich coral tones from the last years fashion palette are becoming softer and getting pale pink hint. Wedding in this feminine, warm color is a choice of the brides who prefer elegant classics.  However, in case of a good combination with deeper and fruity shades, the delicate coral can look perky and creative.

The tandem of the coral and white is a classic variant. This loud couple sounds especially jointly in summer days.  If you replace white with the soft powder or gentle beige, the festive atmosphere will be notably charming and precious.

When coupled with black, coral gets more expressive and bold.  And the black color loses its severity and becomes depthless.

The coral perfectly gets on with all shades of the green. It gets along with the turquoise and the lemon color.

If a bride chooses a wedding gown in the pink-coral, she will definitely look gorgeous. Contrast accessoires will just stress her elegance. Moreover, the whole decoration of the celebration must have an idea of coral.  And it does not matter when and where it takes place. The coral range will create harmonious atmosphere and mantle newlyweds with the air of love and romance.

Tiffany color

Incredibly sophisticated turquoise mint color gives wonderful freshness on a very hot day. Its cool refinement creates the atmosphere of elegant luxury. This aristocratic color can become a perfect background for precious stones of the famous jeweler company. A wedding in the Tiffany style can’t miss a color which is recognized as a sign of nobility and good taste.

Designers recommend using green and blue colors together with other shades. These shades should give some balance to the Tiffany’s coolness. Don’t be shy of using some base colors. Choose coral, lemon, soft-pink and purple ones. A snow-white background will stress the royal serenity of the mint. Everybody will certainly remember this wedding. No matter what season and place it will be.

Flamy red

The hot red is one of the brightest and charismatic colors in the wedding palette 2020. It virtually diminishes life power.

A wedding in the bright red design will show originality of the couple. Being just brave is not enough to use this bold color in a wedding. The point is in having good taste. It has such a strong aura that its abundance can make your guests tired. But using of white, yellow, green and blue colors can break its expression.

Wearing a red wedding gown guarantees lots of attention from others. But if a bride doesn’t want to break classical traditions, she can choose a white dress. And the style of the wedding can be stressed with some accessories made in red. For example, a belt, gloves, veil, shoes, decorations and bouquet.

Orange mood

The orange color in the Pantone palette 2020 charms with its soft shining. There is no neon luminosity anymore. And this attracts the admirers of an elegant style. Fashion orange is one of the most appropriate colors for your autumn ceremony. Orange accents will keep a necessary mood at thematic photo shoots. They will also give lots of positive emotions to everybody.

A wedding in the orange style is a bright event. It’s charged with love and happiness and leaves a smoky finish.  Get ideas from everywhere: ethnics, eco-styles and pin up concepts.  Outplaying a citrus concept is an interesting decision.  An orange will be used as a main decorating element.  You can also include it into your banquette menu.  No guest will remain indifferent to orange fresh drinks and desserts.  And you citrus wedding will be bright, tasty, and joyful in a warm, shining atmosphere.

It’s not like every bride can put on a bright orange dress.  And there’s no need. It’s enough just to use fruity orange shades with a white outfit. And the bride will look incredibly stylish and impressive.

Orange color has a plenty of original tones. Every of them suits perfectly for a wedding decoration 2020.  It’s good to use natural shades (brown, green, yellow), soft peach pastel and fruity contrasts (black, red, purple) as accompanying colors.

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wedding in Santorini
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