The photo for the elopement in Santorini


Every single person wants this day to be absolutely perfect. Why don’t you just escape with your partner to the island of Santorini in the Mediterranean Sea? This is simply awesome to have an elopement in Santorini and spend this day as only you two want and care only about your comfort and wishes. That day would be full of intimacy and romantic moments, which you will remember with pleasure. Let your wedding be a brilliant highly-personal, authentic, and unique event without any pressure and huge expenses.

Before planning your special day, you may take into consideration all the advantages of wedding only for you two. To begin with, this is an awesome opportunity to save money and to spend it on fulfilling your personal dreams.  This is the fact that the weddings party in its traditional sense is rather expensive because of reception and accommodation for guests. Accordingly, the more people you invite, the more money you spend.

Planning an elopement in Santorini is a brilliant chance to avoid all these expenses. The entire budget of the couple would be spent on the preferences of the newlyweds as well as on unique and stylish decorations and other pleasant things, which are so important to make this day truly special.

If you plan the wedding the elopement in Santorini, you are free to choose any day you really want. It is so comfortable not to wait a particular day when everybody has some time to come to your celebration and to share it with you.

The photo for the elopement in Santorini

A big wedding or a romantic elopement in Santorini?

There is also a great opportunity to marry in some awesome and remote places of our planet. It may be an ancient castle or a faraway paradise beach from your dreams with white sand and high palms with coconuts. You may rent a luxurious red or white cabriolet or to meet stunning sunset in a balloon together with your beloved one. The best thing is that you do not need to worry about preferences and needs of your guests as well as about planning of their traveling, transfers, accommodation, and entertainment.  Wedding planner in Santorini would definitely help you to plan this day! This is the day when you have to be absolutely relaxed and happy.

One of those unique places for wedding is an island in the Mediterranean Sea called Santorini. This is one of the most beautiful islands to spend the most important day of your life. Santorini is truly amazing in its natural beauty. Doesn’t an idea of elopement in Santorini sound exiting? Just think about looking for a wedding planner in Santorini! You may spend your day enjoying magnificent panoramic views with admiring cliffs and sea.

Moreover, Santorini is a really magical place on the planet Earth because of its admiring architecture, which is in absolute harmony with this wonderful Mediterranean landscape. This is simply perfect location for your wedding ceremony as well as for your wedding photo session. Santorini island will definitely amaze you with its snow-white beauty shrouded by the perfectly blue sky and endless deep blue sea. Your wedding in Santorini will be simply unforgettable and joyful event!

Elopement in Santorini photo

The island of Santorini

The island of Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands in the southern Aegean Sea. It definitely deserves visiting since it will charm you with its picturesque views. No doubt that the sunsets in Santorini are simply spectacular. Each end of the day is truly memorable because the sky and the sea glow like hot embers. People from all over the world come here to enjoy this extraordinary beauty of nature. Santorini is popular with its multi coloured beaches; you may visit here the beach with red sand! Here you may also try an outstanding white wine made of Santorini grape variety. Blue sea, white houses, and red cliffs are like an episode from your brightest dream! This island will not leave anyone indifferent.

Magical place

Of course there are a lot of marvellous wedding locations on the island of Santorini. You may find quite everything, whether you are looking for an ancient church or a modern venue or just a yard with breathtaking views to the volcanoes. There are so many diverse hotels with gorgeous rooms for newlyweds as well! Many of them offer spectacular views and provide you with luxurious services. Having a wedding in Santorini would be one of the best decision you have ever made in your life. Getting eloped to Santorini would be a perfect choice for you and your partner to celebrate your special event and remember this day forever.

Moreover, every single couple is dreaming to have a wonderful photo shoot. It is not a secret that to have beautiful professional pictures, you need particular light and scenery. Many couples are dreaming about having a photo shoot in the evening, when the light is soft and the sky turns pastel shades, which look gorgeous in the pictures. However, classical wedding party requires to entertain your guests in the evening and to spend time with them not to leave them alone. If only you two take part this special day, you may choose the time of the day you want to take your perfect pictures and keep this day forever in your memory.

Elopement in Santorini photo

Unique wedding scenario

Additionally, you can create your own wedding scenario to make your special day unique and absolutely enjoyable. The style of the ceremony is totally up to your preferences; it may be modern, full of romantic and intimacy, adventurous or even in a format of an ancient ritual! You may also choose the wedding dress and the suit you like and do not worry about other people’s opinion and prejudices. Who said that the wedding dress should be expensive, made of unnatural materials, enormously big, and necessarily white? Isn’t it better to choose the dress, which totally matches your whole personality? Your wedding will definitely not be like someone else’s celebration.

This is a great opportunity to express the style and individuality of your couple! There are also so many ideas how to decorate your venue with some extraordinary and stylish things like making a bungalow or a shining pavilion made from garlands. The wedding for two allows you to spend more money to hire a highly-qualified decorator, who will take into consideration all your wishes and fulfil them for you.

Just the two of you

Just the two of you on your wedding day! It would idea if you are not into being in a huge company or you do not like being the centre of attention since you feel shy or anxious among many people or simply do not have very close relationship with your family. You will enjoy being only with each other in a pleasant and calm atmosphere!

It is also very important to highlight that it is much easier to plan a great celebration just for you two than for a huge number of people. Actually it would be necessary only to reserve a table in a restaurant you like, to book a room in a hotel, to find a highly professional photographer, a place for your photo shoot, and, of course, to buy a wedding dress and a suit for the groom. It is so nice to choose only the food you and your partner like! Having an elopement in Santorini, you may allow booking the most luxurious and suitable for you room as well.  You will definitely avoid the pre-wedding fuss and there will be  no people who will constantly try to impose their point of view and to give some unnecessary pieces of advice.

Your choice

If you have some specific preferences and wishes or your lifestyle is completely different from the lifestyle of your friends and relatives, the wedding for two is a perfect option for you. Far not everybody is able to appreciate a vegan menu or a non-alcohol party. If you are an eco-friendly person, who wants to make a zero-waste wedding, it would be also quite impossible to do it having a lavish wedding party. Can you imagine yourself looking as a rock-concert star? Probably, you like some specific music, for example, hard rock, and your relatives and friends do not share your preferences. In this case it would be the best choice to spend this time, which is so significant for both of you, only with your partner and to do what you want!

You decide to have a wedding for two, there is no need to worry whether everybody enjoyed your wedding celebration or not. Many couples, especially brides, are concerned that every single guest liked the party and felt comfortable. They arrange a lot of entertainment, food, drinks, photo shoots, music, and activities for all those people. However, the newlyweds often forget that their comfort is a priority on the day of their wedding.

There are also a huge number of ideas how to organise an awesome wedding for you two. It can be a picnic on the beach or somewhere on a cliff overlooking the gorgeous sunset. For sure it would be extremely nice to use wicker baskets full of fruits and berries, cute umbrellas, candles, bright garlands, cozy blankets, and fluffy pillows. It would be simply awesome if one of you plays the guitar or saxophone! When it is getting dark, you may make a bonfire, fry some marshmallows, look together to the starry sky, and make a wish about your happy future!

Romantic elopement in Santorini

If you and your partner like being near water, you may book a wonderful romantic cruise. It would be such a happy day for both of you, when you can enjoy sea breeze, blue water, and the warmth of sun worrying of nobody! Isn’t it lovely to change your suit and wedding dress to swimsuits and jump from the yacht directly to the warm sea? Or maybe you want to go sea fishing together with your partner? It would be so metaphoric to finish your special day with fish you got together!

For those couples, who can’t imagine their life without extreme activities, there are also many extraordinary options! You may do bungee jumping, jump with a parachute, jump from a cliff or even try diving together! Such an activity will be remembered for a very long time! Perhaps, it will become your unique tradition to try something new and extreme for each wedding anniversary.

We live just one life, and we should live it to be happy. If we meet a special person, with whom we want to spend the rest of our life together and build a happy family, we should think of our preferences and comfort first. There is absolutely no doubt that your elopement in Santorini will make you and your beloved one feel absolutely free and happy. Your wedding for two will be for sure the most enjoyable event in your life. This day will be full of love, intimacy, and tenderness. Let your wedding dreams become true!

Wedding in Santorini photo

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