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Elopement in Santorini

Elopement in Santorini. Elopement packages and venues 2023

Elopement in Santorini. 

Planning a wedding for your entire family, friends, and all the plus ones you must add to the equation does not appeal to you? Imagine a romantic destination. You get on a plane with your loved one and arrive at a place with endless turquoise water that meets the blue skies on the horizon. All while standing on the balcony of your luxurious hotel, on top of a cliff for your elopement in Santorini.

Suddenly planning a traditional wedding, finding the right venue to fit 100 guests and their cars, dealing with vendors, and listening to family or friends’ opinions does not sound right. If that is how you feel, we recommend you elope to a gorgeous place in the world, Santorini. And we are here to tell you how.  

Elopements are the most intimate and pure celebrations of love. Eloping used to mean you would run away to get married in secret. Nowadays you decide how to do it, you can have a couple of guests or a wedding for two. And picking an unbeatable location to say I do is a must. If you are unsure why eloping to Santorini is the best option, we give you a couple of reasons. 

Why Santorini? 

Santorini has one of the most romantic atmospheres in the world, with splendid sunsets by the sea and distinctive architecture featuring white and blue buildings everywhere you look. The hills of Santorini are a result of the caldera, an extinct volcano that shaped the island. You will enjoy the warmth of its people and their delicious cuisine, with lots of seafood dishes, along with a glass of award-winning wine. 

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When is the best time to elope to Santorini? 

The island has great weather year-round, but the driest and warmest months are April to October. The high season includes May, June, July, August, and September. Most of the places like restaurants and attractions are open during those months. You will also find it a bit crowded, and prices might go up during peak season. 

On the other hand, April and October are considered low seasons; you will find better deals in accommodation and overall services around the island. And you still have great chances of having clear skies and warm temperatures. Winter and early spring are not recommendable, and you will find many businesses closed and a pretty desert island. 

Where do I start? 

Like any other type of wedding, you must start by setting a budget. You need to know what type of elopement you can afford. Is it a laid-back and affordable one, or can you splurge and have the best of the best? Once you figure it out, you can pick a date and start looking for inspiration for your ceremony and after the celebration. 

Eloping does not mean you will forgo the decoration, your wedding attire, a bridal bouquet, wedding photographer, and so on. Planning an elopement requires some effort and coming up with amazing and unique ideas to make it unforgettable.

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What vendors do I need to hire? 

As we said before, you still need to do some planning when you elope. Sure, it will not compare with planning a wedding for hundreds of guests. Still, it would be best if you found a couple of vendors. Your main focus must be finding a Santorini wedding planner who understands your vision, and you fully trust. You can do it on your own, but keep in mind you are planning everything from abroad, and you have no idea about how professional each vendor you contact is. 

Having a wedding planner by your side to guide you thru the whole process is the smartest decision you can make. Once you find it, it is time to hire an elopement photographer, find the location for your ceremony, transportation, accommodation, decoration, and finally make plans for after the ceremony. 

Please start your plans as soon as possible. Organizing a wedding takes time, even if it is a Santorini wedding for two. The most popular vendors have a full schedule with over a year of anticipation. Be mindful of your plans. 

Our elopement packages

Our  Santorini elopement packages are created to meet the couple’s highest requirements and cover the most of the services that you might even think over on your special day. After 10 years in wedding industry in Santorini we can recommend you the best team for your event proceeding from the style and the concept that you have and based on your budget. We usually support our couples not only in wedding planning of the actual day of the wedding and pre wedding and after wedding activities  but generally with planning their holiday on our island of Santorini. Of course your elopement is a unique event that will be designed with love and creativity inspired by your personal wedding story.

Santorini wedding packages were created for the civil weddings which require the preparation of the documents which  we will apply to the Town Hall of Santorini for you. The numerous consultations and full guidance from our side will make the procedure of collecting the documents easy an effortless. 

Our helpful and experienced team with  passion for beautiful weddings and professional approach to all the details of this so important for you day will make your wedding the lifetime experience!

What about legal details? 

When you elope, there are two options to make it legal. First, you can get legally married in your hometown and celebrate a symbolic ceremony in Santorini, so you do not need more paperwork than your passport. The second option is to get legally married in Santorini, which is not hard but does require some documents. Here is a comprehensive list of requirements, but always check this with your wedding planner and local authorities to make sure you bring the necessary documents. 

  • You both must be 18 years or older. 
  • You cannot be related by blood. 
  • Two witnesses are required. 
  • No proof of residence is needed. 
  • You must obtain a marriage license in Greece. 
  • Bring passport, birth certificate, certificate of no impediment. 
  • If previously married, bring proof of divorce. 
  • If you are widowed, bring your deceased partner death certificate. 
  • All documents must be translated and certified by a Greek embassy or consulate in your country. 
  • Sign your Marriage Certificate at Town Hall the next day of your ceremony. There is no need to wait for it. You will receive it by post mail. 
Santorini elopement packages in Santorini

What should we do after the ceremony? 

Santorini has activities to suit every type of couple. There are thousands of years of history for history lovers all over the island, and you will find ruins dating back to 3600 BC. Akrotiri excavations have uncovered some of the most important prehistoric findings, and you can visit the site to witness with your own eyes. 

You will find water sports for active couples, like waterskiing, diving, and banana boating. You can also have an excursion walking down the capital of Santorini, Fira, and then walking up hundreds of steps to reach the top. And you can even visit a volcano during a day trip. 

Finally, for laid-back couples looking for a romantic and relaxing stay, you can stay at one of the many luxury hotels and villas. They all offer top-of-the-notch service and views that will leave you without breath. Plus, you can enjoy a delicious dinner in the many restaurants the island has for you. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about all the wonders Santorini has for your upcoming elopement, and if you want to make your life simple by hiring a professional and experienced Santorini wedding planner, please contact me. I will be more than happy to assist you and be part of your love story. 




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