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The Ancient Custom of Handfasting

Talking about a wedding in Santorini, you may have already heard something called “Celtic Marriage” or “hand-wrapping”.  This is exactly what we call “handfasting”. This tradition came to us from Scotland, Ireland and other Celtic Lands. During the Middle Ages, newlyweds performed this in a church and recognized it as a marriage just as binding. That time, rich people used to have rings, while everyone else could use different types of cords.

Nowadays, if you plan on having a dream wedding in Greece, handfasting can be performed to join two partners in a relationship.

Significance of Handfasting in Santorini

Handfasting, as well as exchange of rings, isn’t an act recognized by the government.  To obtain legacy in Santorini, you must get a marriage license at the ceremony conducted by an authorized officiant.

If you have got the required marriage license, a wedding planner in Santorini would be happy to legally join you by handfasting.  Besides, you may want to have just a purely symbolic handfasting, which is not legally binding. In this case, I will help you with my great pleasure!

The Best Material For Handfasting

If you are thinking about material for your handfasting in Santorini, read some tips here. Using of ribbons will stress the delicacy of the wedding. Others people prefer cords as a symbol of the strength of wedding knots. As for the colors, both ribbons and cords can be of different shades. For example, gold symbolizes fabulous wealth; white – clean beginnings; red means fire; green is fertility and growth. Just choose colors that are right for you. At the same time, material and colors are not as important as their length; it should be about a yard long.

Handfasting Cords

If you plan on using braided handfasting cords, use natural or synthetic material but avoid waxed cord. Colors of your cord must be seen from twenty feet away. As it has been said, colors usually symbolize something that is significant to you.

You might also want to dye your cord that would perfectly fit in your wedding theme. In this case, it’s highly important to use only natural cotton because it takes dye best.

Some people are keen on decorations. So cords can actually be decorated, too. There are many ways to do that; for example, using of beads, knots, shells, flowers, Chinese happiness charms and so on. The most important is to believe that this is your choice that will make you beam with happiness.

Handfasting Ribbons

If you choose ribbons at your handfasting, you may have only one problem: choosing colors. These are ribbons that provide a wife selection of colors and patterns. They vary from having kind of sweet hearts on them or amazing flowers to solid colors including snow-white ribbons.

You can have ribbons that would match the theme of your wedding in Santorini.

There is also an idea of having each guest at the party wrap a ribbon around the couple’s clasped hands. In this case, ask them to bring a ribbon of their choice about a yard long. Or you can provide the ribbons and suggest them choosing among them.

Weaving Wishes

During braiding of cords and ribbons newlyweds speak aloud all their desires for the marriage. Usually couples perform the braiding ceremony in private telling about their wishes. If you want other people to take part, the braiding is done directly before the ceremony and everyone speaks his or her cordial regards to the couple.

Involving People in Handfasting

Have you ever thought about the most cherished people in your handfasting ceremony in Santorini? If this is highly important to you, read some ideas here.

Some couples often invite several people to tie the ribbons or cords. So to be more special, invite some happily-married couple. Wrapping your clasped hands they’ll bestow good wishes on you. Also, it looks touching when your parents help you to tie a knot and bring the handfasting ribbons and cords to you.

In case you are blending families, your children could help you with the ceremony. It’s lovesome when young children present you the ribbons and cords. Moreover, they’ll probably feel such a critical importance and high responsibility about their involving that it’ll certainly be unforgettable for them.

Handfasting Vows

Telling sacramental handfasting vows can become a part of your wedding vows or just replace them. There are many ways and styles to say that. Do you want unique  and cherished vows that would fit in your wedding theme? It will be a great delight for a wedding planner in Santorini  to you create them.  And they will definitely be as unique as you and your soulmate are.

Untying Handfasting Knots

Actually, you don’t have to untie your cords or ribbons. Just carefully slip them off. If it doesn’t seem possible, just cut them in the place opposite to the bond. After the ceremony, every couple usually keeps the bond tied and brings it home.

The knot can be put in an honorable place or decorated with some other symbolic things. For, example, somebody put their cake’s topping in the center of the knot or just drape it with ribbons.

If you hold a Sand Ceremony at your wedding in Santorini, you can combine all these attributes together. Wrapping the cords around the sand container looks especially beautiful. Moreover, some symbolic elements can be added here, such as candles, glass pebbles and so on.

Sometimes it happens that knots are untied accidentally by somebody, for example, kids. It’s not a reason to be upset or afraid about dooming of your marriage. Just tie the knot again and live happily ever after!

Tying the Knot with Symbolic Objects

You may want to be more original and think of using other objects in your handfasting. In this case, it’s good to have something symbolic. For example, if you wear a crown of blossoms on your hair, use the same elements in your cords or even make a garland of blossoms instead.

What you must remember is that this day belongs only to you. And these are your ideas and wishes that should be in priority. Because your wedding in Santorini must give you full of joy and unclouded happiness. And may positive emotions stay in your heart forever.

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