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Planning your wedding in Santorini during COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic. A year ago, it was difficult to imagine that our life will look like a storyline of a popular thriller, while the surrounding world will lose a part of its brightness. We have to put on hold many aspects of our life as the cases of COVID-19 are growing. And the wedding industry is affected as well. The virus has made a lot of people change or postpone their plans. However, not all loving couples are ready to wait till the end of the pandemic, especially since the situation changes every day. The recent encouraging news notifies of the upcoming release of the virus vaccine. Experts predict that as soon as we get sufficient protection against coronavirus. So the current situation will finally improve, and our lives will quickly get back to normal. We suggest not to waste precious time and initiate detailed planning of your perfect wedding in Santorini today when we are one step behind the final victory over the COVID. How to plan your wedding in Santorini during COVID-19 pandemic? We prepared a few tips for you…

Wedding in Santorini and its highlights

Planning your wedding in Santorini photo

Many loving couples dream of a wedding in Santorini. This fantastic Greek island is famous for its amazing sea views and stunning sunsets. The local atmosphere is impressive, and it is perfectly suitable for romantic ceremonies and beautiful photo sessions. It is the best place to walk your fiancee down the aisle, to enter into a marriage with an oath in eternal love and fidelity, and to have an exceptional honeymoon.

The island is so gorgeous that almost every location here can become scenery for a magnificent wedding celebration. You can hold a wedding on a cozy picturesque beach; on an outdoor terrace; in a luxury villa; or on a fashionable yacht. The variety of locations will make it easy to find a place for any number of guests without going beyond the planned budget.

Why to chose the island of Santorini?

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Santorini is highly famous among newlyweds, so we advise you to book a wedding venue well in advance. As far as the famous wedding venues are quite busy  please make the final choice at least one year prior to the  chosen date. It would be safe if you also made the arrangements with wedding service providers in advance. The best planners, photographers, and stylists have busy schedules months ahead, so don’t postpone it till the very last moment.

You can arrange a wedding in Santorini in two options . A symbolic ceremony will not require lengthy preparation associated with collecting and executing the necessary documents. At the same time, it will be as beautiful as an official wedding, when a couple receives a marriage certificate issued by the Greek government authorities. A wedding planner will provide a full list of documents required  in Santorini. He/she will also help to collect papers and understand all the nuances of the official ceremony.

Your ideal wedding in Santorini: what is the starting point?

How to start planning your wedding in Santorini photo

Planning a wedding in Santorini is a creative process that will require active involvement in the details. First, decide on the event budget since it affects the type of wedding package. At this stage, you will be able to make a list of guests and choose the ceremony type and style.

Every bride wants her wedding to be the most beautiful and romantic, and Santorini is perfect for implementing any ideas, even the most fabulous and unusual ones. You may give the reins to your imagination when thinking about the upcoming event’s style and scenario. After all, this wonderful day belongs to you, which means that you have the right to make your dreams a reality.

The budget of the Santorini wedding

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When planning your wedding budget in Santorini, consider several vital factors that will directly impact the total amount of upcoming expense:

– Number of guests;

–  Venue rental fee;

– Services of wedding specialists such as planner, photographer, videographer, stylist, entertainer, decorator;

– Wedding menu;

– Floristics.

The wedding budget should be based on the services explicitly significant for your couple—for example, a luxury location or a top rated photographer. The rest of the expenses are formed based on your personal preferences and financial capabilities.

Making the timing

The perfect wedding in Santorini requires pre-defined timing that takes into account every necessary detail. A well-planned timing will allow you to avoid mess and annoying overlays that can ruin all the impressions of such a long-anticipated event. The wedding day’s approximate schedule is developed according to general principles that can be easily adjusted to individual requests. A well-planned timing includes such main aspects as:

The main  aspects of the wedding timeline in Santorini

– Wedding morning. It is important to properly allocate time to prepare the newlywed look and the morning photo shooting while keeping breakfast in mind. After all, there is a beautiful long day ahead, and the newlyweds need to gain energy and strength;

– Transfer of guests and newlyweds to the wedding venue;

– Wedding ceremony, congratulations, and photo shooting  with guests;

– Location  photo shooting. The locations and routes of the upcoming photo sessions are discussed in advance with the invited experts.

– Wedding reception and entertainment program.

– Farewell to guests and transfers back to the hotel.

The after wedding day activities in Santorini

A wedding in Santorini is a beautiful event that you would want to extend as long as possible. The second day of the celebration is traditionally held in an informal, more relaxed atmosphere. You can gather your guests back for a light brunch or invite them on an exciting sailing trip. The schedule of upcoming entertainment is also drawn up in advance, taking into account all the important nuances.

When planning a wedding in Santorini during COVID-19 pandemic, contact professional wedding planners who will be able to turn your dreams into reality. It is not necessary to visit the island to clarify your concerns. We carry out all negotiations and any essential actions remotely, after detailed discussion and careful coordination with our customers. Start planning  this happy event today, and then your Big Day will become a real embodiment of your dream of the perfect wedding in Santorini.

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