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Every couple dreaming about the  wedding in Santorini knows the value of the wedding planner services for their destination wedding! Is it possible to be planning your wedding in Santorini without a wedding planner? No doubts that Santorini wedding photos in internet look stunning and breathtaking. But you can hardly imagine what kind of effort and work is hiding behind the beautiful cover of the any glamorous wedding!

The last years we can admit the tendency for the wedding planning by the brides themselves! You might start planning your wedding in Santorini without a wedding planner.  Of course it’s seems easy and pleasant to find the vendors in media, contact them and make the arrangements of the day…

Planning byour wedding in Santorini without a wedding planner

Firstly, you book the venue for the date you like. Secondly, you have the long conversations with the photographers and stylists and becoming friends with them. Thirdly, everybody is recommending the places and other vendors… And finally you have the feeling that you booked all the services and have a wonderful team for you wedding in Santorini. It’s quite a small island and everybody seem to know each other! So the idea of planning your wedding in Santorini seems attractive.

After many months of the preparations and anxiety the wedding day finally comes. And here we can have a variety of different scenarios to happen.

One of the possible scenario of planning your wedding in Santorini without a wedding planner

You have been preparing for the wedding for a very long time now. You have thought through all the details and brought everything to perfection. The decoration agency created a unique design for your wedding in Santorini.  A photographer is booked, you invited relatives and friends. In addition to that you ordered dresses for bridesmaids and identical shirts for the groomsmen.

Of course, you have worked hard, tired enough, but tomorrow is your cherished wedding day, and you are in anticipation of happiness.

The wedding day has come, in the morning the make-up artist calls you says that she mixed up the hotels. There is another hotel with the same name in Oia. So she will be a bit late, but you will all be in time, only the schedule will shift a little.

You  are not worrying at the moment as you are sure  it all go further according to plan.

After half an hour, the photographer calls and says that he forgot the second camera. He has to go back and pick it up and he will be delayed for half an hour! It doesn’t bother you as the preparations usually last for couple of hours!

You decided not to worry, still good.

In the meanwhile the bridal bouquet is delivered. It’t time for the shooting of the bride’s preparation including the bridal accessories.  But the photographer is not there yet..

You are staying at your beautiful terrace and enjoying the view, still relaxed and happy since you decides for Planning your wedding in Santorini without a wedding planner.

Suddenly the florist calls you and informs you that they arrived at the venue. To their surprise  and the gazebo is not ready as well as the chairs were not there. Of course nobody is at the venue as it’s too early. The staff will come like one hour before the guests’ arrival. Maybe you forgot to let them know that the florist will require two hours to decorate the place for the ceremony and reception. Actually it was mentioned in the agreement…You start calling the manager of the venue with the request to come earlier! Even if there is an additional fee for the extra hour. He promised to do his best!

At that time a few guests decide to come earlier to enjoy the view and to have a cup of coffee at the venue. Definitely nobody will welcome them and they can follow the venue staff placing the chairs in a rush. And the florist still there placing the flowers everywhere.

It’s just the beginning

The other guests are calling you and checking the name of the venue, the village location and the parking place. You try to help everybody, but the make up artist have to finish the bridal look!

One of the guests remembers about the surprise for the couple for which 2 wireless microphones are required. So you have to call the DJ company for this.

The bridesmaids are coming and the things seem to be better until they are asking: “How we have to get out? What should we do there? – I don’t know” ….

And this is only the beginning! It seems extremely difficult to enjoy you wedding without the wedding planner in Santorini. Every half an hour you have to check things, to make the updates and to correct the mistakes.

The more questions are coming the less answers you have…when planning your wedding in Santorini without a wedding planner.

Planning your wedding in Santorini without a wedding planner

Another possible scenario of planning your wedding with a wedding planner in Santorini

You have a person who’s responsible for supervision of the wedding day and who assisted you in planning your wedding:

  • Wedding planner in Santorini informed all the vendors about the time and the place of the arrival. She clarified everything in advance and several times, woke everyone up, etc.
  • The venue  staff prepares the place on time! The wedding planner in Santorini knows how the wedding venues in Santorini operate and checked all the points in advance. She coordinated the florist arrival with the venue management and arranged the necessary fees if any.
  • The transfers for the guests are arranged at the certain time so nobody shows up unexpectedly the time the venue is being decorated. The drivers are calling the wedding planner in Santorini and confirming the guests are collected and coming on time!

More advantages

  • The wedding planner or her assistant  welcome the guests and escort them to the venue. The supervisor also advise the guests where to put gifts and flowers. Guests are always pleased with the attention paid to them.
  • There is a precise timeline of the wedding day so nobody is asking the questions. All the vendors receive the timeline in advance and had the chance to make their comments and suggestions. The team work goes smoothly as everybody’s comments were taken into consideration. The vendors can do their best in this way!
  • The wedding planner don’t miss booking the Registrar for the ceremony. The speech of the ceremony was adjusted to the couple’s wishes, the readings were included and the personal vows were written in advance in the beautiful vow books. There is no chance to forget them or the rings at the hotel because the assistant of the wedding planner passed by the hotel room. She checks if your wedding dress were delivered by the steaming company, the hairstylists doesn’t need any extra flowers for the bridal hair. And the wedding vows and the rings won’t be forgotten at the room..

The list can be endless… there are so many things to think about! Many brides turned to be a talented planners! It’s not about it it’s about enjoying every moment of the wedding in Santorini, to be happy and relaxed and to leave the troubles to the professionals! Of course it’s your choice how you will be planning your wedding in Santorini: with or without a wedding planner.

You can always contact us for any information!

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