Renewing Wedding Vows in Santorini

Renewing Wedding Vows in Santorini Greece

There comes a time when you and your soul mate have been through a lot and are going to tell the world that, over the years, your love has become deeper!
Where to find a special place for a vow renewal ceremony? How can we arrange everything to make that event the most touching and unbelievable?
Imagine how you are standing together under the arch with a panoramic view of the Aegean rocky sea coast and majestic volcano.
Santorini Island is one of top five romantic places on the Earth and is perfect for such an important event as a vow renewal. Our professional planner can help you to make this day special and arrange everything to the smallest details.

Renewing Wedding Vows in Santorini with “Marvellous Wedding”

Our “Vow renewal” Package includes the following:

  • Event coordinator services (consultation a day before the wedding and attending a ceremony)
  • Booking of a ceremony venue in a romantic area with a view of the Volcano
  • Bridal bouquet and boutonniere (a standard bouquet, seasonal flowers)
  • Rose petals basket to sprinkle at newlyweds after a ceremony
  • Local sparkling wine
  • Wedding cake (for 4-6 persons)
  • Recorded music for a ceremony

We take into account personal story of every couple and try to arrange an unforgettable ceremony for you. You can contact me for more information or for booking a required date.

See our wedding galleries and Renewing Wedding Vows in Santorini ready offer.

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