The most romantic wedding in Greece – the best venues and ideas!

Wedding in Greece – if you dream of the most touching and romantic wedding, have a look at the list of the most loving places on the island of Santorini:

romantic wedding in Santorini

Santo Wines

Santo Wines is a terrace of the current winery. In the ancient times it was used as for hosting honored guests. The area can place up to 120 people. Astonishing panorama views to the Volcano and Aegean Sea create some romantic atmosphere. The Santo Wines winery was founded in 1947 and now it’s one of the biggest wineries in Greece. You can visit the tasting of delicious Santorini wines, such as Vinsanto and other varieties of Athiri, Assyrtiko and Aidani.

Romantic wedding in Greece Santorini

Santorini Gem

This venue is perfect for those who appreciate privacy of the event. Santorini Gem is an exclusive area with a private 9 person villa available for hiring. At the villa there is a spacious pool, overlooking the sunset. You can have a great pre-wedding party here! The wedding venue can place up to 100 guests. Due to its location on one of the highest Santorini points, you can feel some romance here. The main advantage of this place is an amazing green alley with palms and other beautiful plants, where a bride can walk to her groom before  the ceremony.

Romantic wedding in Greece Santorini

Venetsanos Winery

Venetsanos Winery is perfect for holding the classic and traditional ceremony. It can boast of a very romantic and amazing view, especially at the sunset! There is an authentic venue near the winery. Here you can have both a ceremony for two and a big event for many guests. In the evening this area has a special atmosphere. You can decorate it with retro lights and candles because of its location in the open air. There is also a gazebo which could be both set up and taken down in some individual design especially for your wedding or reception.

Romantic wedding in Greece Santorini

Le Ciel

This area is elegant and has an exquisite design. It can be described as the combination of elegance and style, and it is refined down not only to the interior items, but to the smallest details too. It can hold up to 120 people. Le Ciel is built taking into account all the state-of-the-art requirements to host wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Romantic wedding in Greece Santorini

Saint Irene Chapel

Saint Irene Chapel is an ideal place for holding small family ceremonies. It’s very textured and cozy. The ceremony itself can be held at the venue, after which you can go to the small chapel and light candles for your marriage. You just need to ask owners to open the Saint Irene Chapel. Saint Irene is the Patroness of the Island and Protectress of  Marriages contracted on the Island of Santorini. The venue has a wonderful view of the volcano and neighboring islands.

Romantic wedding in Greece Santorini

Theros Wave Bar

This is a Beach bar on the seashore that is perfect for a fun party. An ideal place for holding the receptions accompanied with music and disco. Although Theros is located in a quite remote area, romantics will definitely find it. It’s the very atmospheric place. You can come here after an official ceremony to celebrate this wonderful event and arrange the party right on the seaside!

Romantic wedding in Greece Santorini

Rocabella Hotel

This 5-star hotel offers a terrific view of the volcano on the Island of Santorini. There are several terraces which could hold different amounts of guests. You can choose from them one that would be the best for you. Rocabella Hotel is meant to host high-level events for demanding guests. Here is also a SPA center. And you can arrange a reception here after your ceremony!

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