Santorini elopement wedding venues photos

Santorini elopement wedding venues

The most popular Santorini elopement wedding venues

Aenaon Villas

Although many couples spend hours on end planning the ultimate union in Santorini, some are drawn into the romantic spontaneity of the island. In turn, this has inspired architects to establish estates that match Santorini’s authentic, intimate atmosphere, one of which is the Aenaon Villas. Surrounded by carefully-crafted stonework and white-washed aesthetics, this venue exudes glamour from every corner, providing an unparalleled setting for your dream elopement being one of the most beautiful Santorini elopement wedding venues.

Cocoon Suites as one of the most romantic of Santorini elopement wedding venues

Cocoon Suites is considered the epitome of luxury and refined experiences, making it one of the most sought-after elopement wedding venues in Santorini. The highlight of this mesmerising estate is its remarkable architecture, in which every suite is carved into the island’s volcanic cliffs, offering a stay like nowhere else. In addition, its outdoor spaces are enriched with tranquil colours and contemporary furnishings, providing the perfect elopement spot. Lastly, the dedicated team of professionals will ensure that every one of your desires is catered for, thus allowing an experience that will be remembered for years to come.

Andromeda Villas

The visionaries behind Andromeda Villas had one thing in mind – to highlight the island’s maximalist beauty, complementing its minimalistic architecture and luxurious atmosphere. You may even say that Andromeda is a sublime archetype of Santorini, with exemplary hospitality being its main focus. Because of this, the villa has been known to host numerous intimate affairs, offering couples a one-of-a-kind experience of the refined intricacies of the island. It goes without saying that this is one of the top wedding venues in Santorini, where your carefully-crafted vision will be effortlessly brought to life

You can find a detailed look at these venues (and more!) on our wedding venues page. Trust us, you will be easily lured into daydreaming about your bespoke union once you see them.

Santa Irini

Providing the perfect blend of traditional Mediterranean architecture with state-of-the-art amenities, Sanat Irini boasts a design that exudes sophistication and serenity. Deemed as a sanctuary on the island’s cliffsides, this prestigious villa captivates the hearts of couples seeking a Santorini elopement enriched with timeless elegance. Furthermore, at Sanat Irini, you can revel in the tranquillity of the Aegean Sea and experience unrivalled conviviality.


Lastly, Espaerisima is the last entry of the best elopement wedding venues in Santorini, offering an adventure of the culinary arts tailored to fit the island’s unparalleled aesthetics. That said, embrace the enchanting vistas, indulge in tantalising gastronomy, and embark on a new chapter in life – all in the company of your loved one. At Espaerisma, we, along with their team of experts, will ensure that your Santorini elopement is an impeccable, sophisticated and unforgettable affair.

We hope these top wedding venues in Santorini have inspired you to start curating the union of your dreams. For a tailor-made experience where no detail will be left omitted, consider using our services as a Santorini wedding planner. Contact us and let us create a timeless event enthralled by romance.

Our creative and talented team will arrange a bespoke wedding you have always dreamed of and our packages are tailored made to personal needs of every couple! We will choose the best of Santorini elopement wedding venue for your perfect destination wedding.

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