Santorini top wedding venues photos

Santorini top wedding venues

The most popular wedding venues in Santorini

How does one even begin describing the incomparable beauty of the most romantic island in the world? Santorini is graced with idyllic landscapes, quintessential architecture, and irresistible refined experiences. As the island became a haven for soon-to-be-wed couples, some of the most prominent architects and designers, who excel in luxury, have come to create Santorini top wedding venues that transfix you as soon as you lay your eyes on them. From intimate spots adorned with the warm hues of the Greek sunset to intricate terraces overlooking the endless expanse of turquoise, Santorini seems to have it all. Now, the island proudly boasts multitudes of venues designed to fit all kinds of unions. 

At Marvelous Weddings, we want to provide you with a perfectly-tailored experience where your unique celebration will be met with the utmost attention to detail. As you’re probably aware, the venue plays a vital role in this process, and since the island is abundant with them, picking the right one may be difficult. For that reason, we have gathered Santorini top wedding venues, all creating the setting for an unforgettable event. Whether you’re planning a day enthralled by opulence in the company of your closest ones, or an exclusive Santorini elopement, these stunning locations will inspire your creative visions

Santorini top wedding venues:

Santorini Gem

Perched atop a scenic hill in Pyrgos sits the Santorini Gem – a venue most deems a true embodiment of elegance and luxury. Apart from the majestic views of the crystal waters and volcanic cliff sides, this estate is enriched with lavish indoor and outdoor spaces that house even the grandest of weddings. Finally, with a world-class dining experience and second-to-none hospitality, it is no wonder why Santorini Gem is one of the top wedding venues in Santorini.

Santorini Gem wedding venue photo

Cavo Ventus

Cavo Ventus is an opulent villa nestled on the cliffsides of Santorini, offering exceptional views of the azure Aegean Sea. It features intricately-decorated indoor spaces equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, ideally fit for intimate weddings. However, the most stunning addition of Cavo Ventus is its expansive outdoor terrace entwined with a noteworthy Mediterranean flair, creating an ethereal setting for a timeless event.

CAVO VENTUS wedding venue in Santorini photo

Le Ciel

Let the irresistible charm of Le Ciel fully entice you – exchange your heartfelt vows behind mesmerising sunsets and curate the night of your dreams. The creative visionaries behind this astounding venue created the perfect blend of sophisticated event spaces adorned with simplistic elegance and a service that caters to all your needs – in turn, this has resulted in Le Ciel being one of the top wedding venues in Santorini.

The most popular venues are Santorini Gem, Cavo Ventus, Rocabella, Le Ciel, and Venetasanos – all of which are guaranteed to entice you as soon as you see them for the first time. You can find a detailed look at these venues (and more!) on our wedding venues page. Trust us, you will be easily lured into daydreaming about your bespoke union once you see them.

Le Ciel Santorini wedding venue photo

Venetsanos Winery

The Venetsanos Winery was first opened in 1947, boasting an architectural structure that became a staple of the island’s wine production. Due to its rustic elegance, and an encapsulating historical allure, the winery has been turned into a sublime venue tailored for luxurious and unique weddings. Furthermore, apart from their vast selection of fine wines, The Venetsanos offers a unique dining experience representing an ode to the Mediterranean.

Santorini Luxury venue Venetsanos Winery image

El Viento as one of the Santorini top wedding venues

Finally, our list of the top wedding venues in Santorini wouldn’t be complete without including the fabulous El Viento. Inspired by the romanticism of the island, this exclusive venue is exquisitely designed to house sophisticated celebrations, especially ones with a close-knit atmosphere. Additionally, thanks to its picturesque location, El Vieno has a myriad of transfixing backdrops which can transform your wedding photography into true works of art

El viento luxury wedding venue in Santorini photo

Our creative and talented team will arrange a bespoke wedding you have always dreamed of and our packages are tailored made to personal needs of every couple!

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