Santorini venues for elopement and proposals photo

Santorini venues for elopement and proposal

Santorini venues for elopement and proposal from Santorini wedding planner

Thinking of having your elopement or proposal in Santorini

Are you looking for a magical spot to host your upcoming Santorini proposal or elopement? As a Santorini wedding planner, I have worked in some of the most beautiful and picture-perfect locations for such purposes, so trust me and let’s find the one for you and your partner. Santorini is well known for its amazing views of the Aegean Sea, the Caldera, and the impressive cliffs surrounding the Island, so I have gathered some amazing spots for you that include breathtaking views and nature all around. 

Elopements and wedding proposals are usually intimate moments you want to spend only with your partner, hence the importance of finding a venue where you can prepare the space and have some amazing moments without tourists or customers coming in and out or passing by. This is especially important when looking at Santorini venues for elopement and proposal . You are already planning the surprise and don’t want your beautiful photos to be ruined by some bystander. 

When you start planning your elopement, you should decide if you are having guests or have a ceremony only with your partner, celebrant, and photographer. This will determine the size of the venue you need for such an important day in your life. Many of the places we are about to discover have enough space to accommodate a table with your nearest and dearest if you want them present. 

Valais elopement and proposal venue photo

Valais Villas

Located in Imerovigli Santorini and often called the balcony of Santorini, this beautiful space is more than just another balcony. The amazing views of the volcano and the magnificent sunsets you can catch here are incomparable. Here you will find accommodation in one of its suites or studios and great service. 

Your balcony is the perfect spot for a wedding proposal in Santorini, imagine a perfect evening with your loved one, after enjoying dinner, and while you relax over a glass of wine, you pop the question, once the excitement goes a bit down, you can enjoy the jacuzzi and night views. Pure magic. 

Photo for  El Viento wedding venue in Santorini

El Viento

A well-known gem located on the cliffside of Megalochori village, it is one of the perfect Santorini venues to elope. So, if you are looking for an elegant and luxurious venue, look no further. El Viento offers the usual and amazing Caldera views and a historic landmark, the oldest stone-built windmill. It is in one of the most traditional villages of Santorini, so you can expect to see many iconic buildings around. 

This villa offers accommodation for a couple with a bedroom, small living room, kitchen, and an outdoor jacuzzi, along with the beautiful terrace for your Santorini wedding proposal or elopement. You have it all in one place, picture the morning of your big day, waking up to see the beauty of the dramatic Aegean seas and cliffs, step outside and enjoy a relaxed breakfast and prepare yourselves for the adventure of a lifetime that will soon begin. 

Photo for Aenaon wedding villa in santorini

Aenaon Villa

The northern part of the Island is home to these unique villas, located on top of a cliff with a combination of classic and modern style, and they are not your usual Santorini Villas. Imagine all-white interiors with small touches of warmth details like a three, a wooden table, or a small three inside your villa. Pure tranquility and peace as you step outside the contrasting deep blue of the Aegean Sea and the everchanging color of the skies. 

The terrace has plenty of space for an elopement with guests or to enjoy it all by yourself. In addition to the breathtaking views, you have a small pool and all the luxurious commodities you can imagine. This location is a true balance between nature and comfort, and it is the ideal venue for an unforgettable wedding proposal or elopement in Santorini. 

Photo for Canaves Oia wedding venue and panorama balcony

Canaves Oia

For couples seeking to find a private and secluded spot in the sea of options that Santorini offers, the Panorama balcony located at Canaves Oia is ideal. It has plenty of space to host an elopement for up to 30 guests. After the ceremony, you can celebrate with a reception at the Caldera arches, a space where you can still enjoy the blue views and cool breeze. 

Photo for Andromeda wedding venue for proposals, elopements and romantic private dinners

Andromeda Villas

For a complete experience, the Andromeda Villas offer accommodation, outstanding views from the top of the Island, and Spa services to top it all off. Being the largest resort on the Island is the ideal venue for your guests to stay while visiting Santorini. The terrace is perfect for your engagement or to host your heartfelt ceremony surrounded by your close friends and family.

A romantic gazebo with amazing views of the sea could be the perfect spot for a candlelit dinner with your loved one, it is in the terrace and could be carefully decorated to fit your dreams. There is an option for an indoor reception if you have plenty of guests, or if your list is short, you can enjoy the outdoors. 

Photo for Cocoon Suites wedding venue in Santorini

Cocoon Suites

Can you imagine staying in a cave with outstanding views of the deep blue sea and the surrounding nature? Well, that’s the concept of Cocoon suites, a series of suites built into the sides of the Santorini Caldera, each one used to serve as a wine cellar for local production and now has the purpose of making your stay a unique one. 

There are many options for your wedding proposal or elopement, but the Gran Honeymoon suite has a feature to blow your partner’s mind. It accommodates two guests and has an indoor and outdoor cave pool with astonishing Santorini views. The terrace is ideal for setting some candles and enjoying an intimate dinner, only following that special question you have in mind. 

Photo for Dana Villas wedding venue in Santorini

Dana Villas as a perfect spot among Santorini venues for elopements and proposals

Secluded at the far end of the Firostefani town, you will find Dana Villas, one of my favorite Santorini venues for elopements and proposals. Here you can find suites with infinity pools that merge with the never-ending blue of the sea and the skies. There are options for intimate and familiar gatherings, all with astonishing views of the Caldera and the beauty of an infinity pool. 

You can have a romantic candlelit dinner in one of their terraces, and as the sun goes down and offers you the spectacle of a sunset in Santorini, you can ask your partner the question that will be the first step of building a life together.

There you have some of my favorite Santorini venues for elopement and wedding proposal; they all have their magic and specific details. Depending on the vision you have in mind, I can help you make it a reality. As your Santorini wedding planner, I can guarantee we will choose the perfect venue for such an important moment in life. 

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