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One of the many reasons romantic souls adore Greece is the abundance of gorgeous islands that provide ideal settings for an experience of a lifetime – majestic architecture, alluring vistas and pristine waters, to name a few. That being said, one of the most alluring Greek locations is the island of Santorini, deemed the most romantic place in the world. Because of this, Santorini has become a favourite destination for couples who desire to curate a remarkable wedding far away from home. Respectfully, the island captivates you as soon as you step foot on it, and with a myriad of luxurious venues, awe-inspiring landscapes and sunsets that will steal your breath away, there’s no better place to start your new life chapter together. As a Santorini wedding planner, we want to help you craft your ethereal celebration that will be remembered for years to come. In this blog, we will guide you throughout the entire process, including a selection of the best luxury Santorini venues and our special packages that can be adjusted to best fit your preferences.

Before you consider booking a wedding planner in Santorini, you need to decide what kind of celebration you would like to crown your love story. An archetypal wedding in Santorini is met with the utmost elegance and timeless sophistication. Additionally, thanks to a vast array of opulent venues, you can opt for hosting an intimate affair with your closest ones, or have a grand celebration that will leave an everlasting mark on everyone present. On the other hand, you can choose to cast aside all the formalities and have a private moment just between the two of you. Elopements in Santorini have garnered a lot of attention in recent times, mainly due to their intimacy and exclusive feel. Best of all, there are a plethora of elopement venues in Santorini that portray such exclusivity, and the special moment will be yours to treasure for a lifetime. We strongly suggest taking your time and seeing what the best suitable option for your destination wedding on the island is. Once you have an idea in mind, you can start looking for a wedding planner in Santorini and start planning the event of your dreams.

Santorini weather

Additionally, you’ll also need to consider the timing of your celebration. It is no secret that Santorini can get pretty crowded during the summer months – unsurprisingly, everyone wishes to savour the island’s splendour. With that in mind, you need to book your venue as soon as possible because availability can sometimes pose an issue. As a wedding planner in Santorini, we suggest that you consider getting married between 15 May the end of June or some from September till the 10th of October. The weather is truly pleasant, and the atmosphere is quite lively – without being overcrowded. Additionally, you may wish to avoid the deep winter months because the island is almost empty and doesn’t have the same enchanting flair. 

Whether to have a civil or a symbolic wedding

Furthermore, you also need to decide whether you want to have a civil wedding in Santorini or a symbolic one. Legally tying the knot definitely requires a lot more planning than its counterpart, however, all of the logistics and operations will be handled by us. Moreover, you may also wish to tailor a religious ceremony. In that case, we will provide you with a selection of churches for orthodox weddings, where your ceremony will be met with authentic Greek marriage traditions. In contrast, if you wish to have a symbolic one, that means that you’ll get legally married in your home country before or after the actual celebration, and you can exchange your heartwarming vows on the island with a uniquely tailored ceremony. This doesn’t require managing any paperwork and is way less complicated than going through all the legalities. Finally, the latter option is ideal for same-sex couples since gay marriage isn’t legal yet in Greece.

Santorini venue choice from Santorini wedding planner

The next you should do, and probably the most exhilarating part of the process, is select a venue. From opulent cliff-top hotels to a wide array of villa venues in Santorini, the island certainly has something for everyone’s liking. Normally, the choice of venue will vary based on the type of wedding you’re going to have, be it a traditional celebration or a contemporary, intimate elopement. In addition, your budget and desired style also play a crucial role in determining your location. Fira, Imergliovi, and Oia feature the most luxurious venues, adorned with intricate detailing and a simplistic allure that provide the ideal setting for any type of wedding. On the other hand, if you wish to express your words of devotion with a backdrop of an iconic Santorini sunset, you may wish to look for venues in the western coastal part of the island. Some of the most popular venues are Santorini Gem, Cavo Ventus, Rocabella, Le Ciel, and Venetasanos – all of which are guaranteed to entice you as soon as you see them for the first time. You can find a detailed look at these venues (and more!) on our wedding venues page. Trust us, you will be easily lured into daydreaming about your bespoke union once you see them.

Remember that we, as your wedding planner in Santorini, will help you with the selection of vendors, as well as the decorations and all other details that will make your celebration uniquely yours. However, all of these aspects will be based on the type of package that you choose. We personally offer a wide selection of packages, which can be altered to fit your needs. For instance, our civil wedding packages are fixed and centred towards celebrations that include up to 15 people. If you wish for your marriage ceremony to be more exclusive, you’ll take great pleasure in our elopement wedding package, in which we provide all the essentials for a quintessential intimate affair. On the other hand, if your celebration is bigger, we can recalculate the package or offer a wedding planner fee option. As we previously mentioned, all of these can be further personalised, so rest assured that we’ll have everything covered from start to finish.

Wedding planner in Santorini

We hope to have provided more than enough information for planning a dreamy destination wedding on the astonishing island. Planning you Santorini wedding please note, we are locally based, thus, we can offer support during your entire stay! You can find the best venues for your celebration on our site. Finally, you can check out our dedicated page for our packages, including our special proposal package, as well as our carefully-crafted church wedding packages and vow renewal packages.

Our creative and talented team of santorini wedding planners will arrange a bespoke wedding you have always dreamed of and our packages are tailored made to personal needs of every couple!

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