Santorini wedding timing photo


A wedding is an event full of vivid emotions and exciting moments. The long-awaited day has come and the newlyweds can finally completely relax and take a break from the previous troubles. Of course the every single details should b taken care for to make your wedding in Santorini succesful. And here the pre-compiled  Santorini wedding timing will come to the rescue. A well thought-out plan will allow you to avoid problems and overlaps that are completely unnecessary on such a joyful day,. The wedding professionals will make it possible to enjoy every minute of your Santorini celebration.

The Santorini wedding venues

Important factors to consider when planning a wedding are the season of the year and the location of the event. Not every bride will feel comfortable under the hot rays of the scorching summer sun. Therefore, the best option for an unforgettable wedding day will be the spring or autumn months. In addition, the length of daylight hours becomes shorter in colder months. This fact  should not be overlooked either.

The choice of wedding venue in Santorini will also affect the wedding schedule. So, if the hotel where the newlyweds and their guests are staying is located at a considerable distance from the venue of the ceremony. The timing must take into account the transfer plus additional time for unforeseen circumstances and breaks.

Santorini wedding timing photo

Wedding morning

The wedding day starts early and lasts until late at night, so the main task of the newlyweds is to sleep well and gain strength. The idea of ​​having a bachelor or bachelorette party just before the wedding should be discarded. An incendiary party on the eve of the main event will ensure that you feel unwell and look poor the next day. Therefore, it is best to arrange farewell to bachelor life at least a week before the appointed date. After waking up, the newlyweds should have a good breakfast and only then start the wedding preparations. The bride and groom can arrange for the preparation shooting both together and separately. In the case of separate preparation, the couple will expect exciting moments of the first look shooting. It should be captured in the frames of the morning photo session.

As practice shows, shooting the bride’s preparations takes much longer than the groom’s one. The process of creating make-up, wedding styling and putting on a dress, on average, takes about two to three hours. This time is devoted to the work of the stylist and make-up artist. They should arrive on the  agreed upon long before the wedding day time Entrust the solution to this issue to your wedding in Santorini and your exciting morning will be held strictly according to the planned schedule.

Santorini wedding timing photo

Preparations shootings

Today morning photo shootings are considered an integral part of wedding photography. The bride’s bedroom is usually used as the location for this event. In order not to waste precious minutes of the morning shooting preparation of the accessories  for shooting are prepared on the eve of the event. The start time and the concept of the photo session are also discussed with the photographer in advance. This can be a boudoir shoot in beautiful lingerie, morning tea with bridesmaids. Or  a photo shooting with parents, or a  romantic breakfast with the groom (in case the couple already lives together).

If you decide not to break the tradition and go for the groom’s and bride’s shooting separately, then do not forget to set the start time. Think over the scenario of the first look shooting in advance. And a professional wedding planner in Santorini can help you with the great and not busy locations considering it as a  one of the most touching and unforgettable moments of the wedding day.

Santorini wedding timeline: transfers for guests

Your guests should be treated the best way. After all, you sincerely wanted to share your joy with loved ones! That  means that you need to make sure that none of the invitees is late for the ceremony. To do this, be sure to include in the timing the time for the transfer to the wedding venue. It is advisable that guests arrive at least 20-30 minutes before the appointed hour. Then everyone will have the opportunity to calmly look around and get comfortable in an unfamiliar environment.

Santorini wedding timing photo

Congratulations and photo shooting

The most  formal part of the wedding day does not take too long. Upon completion, the newlyweds receive congratulations from the guests and go for the locations photo shooting in Santorini. It is best to plan your shooting in advance so that you can avoid unnecessary delays. Then the newlyweds go to a photo shooting along a pre-scheduled route. You should communicate with a photographer and videographer even at the stage of preparation for the wedding. It is also worth taking some advice  from an experienced wedding planner in Santorini.  She and her team will surely find the vendors that suit your personal style. It is also necessary to take care about the car with the driver for this purpose. On average, a location shooting after the wedding ceremony in Santorini wedding timing takes 1-1.5 hours.

At 11-12 pm, the long wedding day comes to an end, the music becomes quieter and the guests gradually begin to leave. Transfer to the hotel is the last point of the wedding timing. The newlyweds personally say goodbye to the guests and express their gratitude for a wonderful evening.

Second day as a part of Santorini wedding timing

The next day, you have the opportunity to extend the holiday that everyone has been waiting for, and again get together with people close to you. The second day of the wedding in Santorini assumes a complete absence of officialdom with a well-thought-out scenario. From our experience, a previously prepared after-party will be a worthy continuation of the main celebration. The main thing is to choose the option that suits your preferences and tastes perfectly.

One popular choice is a light brunch on the beach. Decide in advance on the location and, of course, take care of the transfer for your  guests. In a relaxed beach environment, the newlyweds will finally be able to completely relax and spend time at their own pleasure.

Sea Cruise

Sea activities are a great option for your second wedding day. But only if you and your guests do not suffer from seasickness. A sea or a catamaran trip will give you a great opportunity to admire the beauty of Santorini from new perspectives. During the cruise, you can arrange a buffet complementing it with a fun entertainment program. The original floral decoration will support the funny mood and create an atmosphere filled with bright emotions. After the seaside promenade, the party can be continued on the beach, in a pre-ordered cafe or restaurant.

All questions related to the Santorini wedding timing and arranging of the second wedding day will be replied by your personal wedding planner. Contact us and we will draw up a clear timing of you dream wedding in Santorini! 

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