Wedding trends 2023 from Santorini wedding planner

Wedding trends 2023 from a wedding planner in Santorini

The wedding is one of the most elaborate events to organise since it is both a joyous occasion and a milestone in a couple’s lives that will be remembered fondly for years to come. It’s safe to say that the four staples of such an event – the bride in a white dress, the groom in a sharp suit, and the guests dancing and snapping plenty of pictures – will never go out of style.

However, we can also all agree that getting married at exotic locations will always be trendy and alluring for many couples. Imagine your ceremony in Santorini, one of the most stunning islands in Greece. Combining the traditional colours of blue and white with the modern wedding trends of 2023 is sure to create a really unforgettable day.

As wedding planners in Santorini who are dedicated to meticulously intertwining contemporary with timeless sophistication, we would like to showcase the most iconic trends this year. Without further ado, we represent the soon-to-be-featured on everybody’s Instagram feeds favourite trends for the most memorable love Santorini festivities of all time!

It’s about the colours

Colourful ceremonies and receptions are predicted to be popular in 2023. This is hardly a groundbreaking concept, but it is exciting to hear it is here to stay, especially with the Pantone choice for the 2023 colour, Viva Magenta. Couples aren’t afraid of colour; on the contrary, we’re seeing an uptick in the use of meaningful colour motifs across all aspects of weddings, including patterned linens, graphics, floral themes, unique décor moments, and bridal attire. And why not elevate the aesthetic with some bold hues, eccentric patterns, beautiful flowers, and sudden bursts of joy? Why not incorporate pinks and blues into your venue’s colour scheme, given that you’ll be saying “I do” in Santorini by the sea and the stunning architecture?

Those exquisite pink bougainvillaea blossoms will provide a stunning backdrop for your photo shoot. When wedding planners in Santorini talk about pink hues, we think of romance, which is why this colour is so loved. This is a classic bridal colour palette. Pink is a great option since it is both feminine and fun. The cake, the bridesmaids’ outfits, and the decorations all will look wonderful in pink or magenta. And if you want your cakes, clothing, or shoes to stand out, adorn some sequins or glitter on them. Alternatively, you may make a bold statement with a magenta flower arrangement.

Another shade of blue provides a beautiful complement to the white and blue architecture. It is a choice because it can be used for both formal and informal events without looking out of place. The airy atmosphere it generates is ideal for warm-weather island celebrations.

Summer Santorini wedding fashion trends

This is one occasion where fashion truly shines. New trends in attire, from the bride’s dress to the attendants’, appear every year. In 2023, bridal fashion is all about individual expression, with guests wearing anything from suits to bespoke couture gowns. Of course, as wedding planners in Santorini with over 10 years of experience, based on our inquiries, we have some ideas, so here are the bridal attire trends for this year!

The stunning scenery of Santorini can easily inspire you. The best dresses include opposing elements, such as basic and exotic or delicate and bold details. Choose a gown that isn’t white, like a bright yellow one, for example. This trending hue is reminiscent of the golden light of Santorini’s setting sun. Opt for a long or short length and a silhouette you enjoy wearing. In addition, puff sleeves are this year’s reaction to the clean designs, embracing vintage flair and a whole lot of romanticism. And in 2023, bridal suits will also be incredibly popular. It’s one of the modern wedding ideas for the bride who wants to stand out: distinctive, sleek, and trendy. Besides, bridal suits are more refined and sophisticated since they don’t require as many extras as part of wedding trends 2023.

Some more wedding trends 2023 from a wedding planner in Santorini

Grooms, it’s your turn. The fashion trends of a Santorini wedding might change from year to year, so wear whatever makes you feel beautiful. We recommend the timeless tuxedo, a dashing blue suit, or the relaxed elegance of linen. Adding just the proper amount of masculinity to your groom’s style, a blue suit is a timeless choice for sure. Wear it with a simple T-shirt to your summer wedding in Santorini. Versatile enough to be worn on its own or accessorised with a vest or bow tie, a tuxedo is the standard element of many modern ensembles. If you want to add some visual interest, try layering it with a different shirt beneath. If you’re going for a laid-back look, trainers are the way to go. Finally, linen is a well-liked material for wedding outfits. Given that linen is versatile and flattering on people of all skin tones, it’s likely to be a major fashion trend this year. It’s versatile enough, from formal wedding attire to laid-back weekend wear. Linen looks most sophisticated when paired with neutral colours and simple accessories.

Our creative and talented team will share with you the wedding trends 2023 and will arrange a bespoke wedding you have always dreamed of and our packages are tailored made to personal needs of every couple !

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