Bridal looks 2020. Review of the latest wedding collections

Bridal looks 2020

Creating the bridal image is one of the most exciting steps in preparing for a wedding. It is important not to miss any detail. That it is the image of a newlywed that will become the embodiment of the holiday’s concept. The latest trends have confidently taken a ply of bold experiments in wedding fashion. Even the classical canons could not resist that onslaught. Modern brides boldly highlight their personality. They use topical advice and fashion designers’ tips. In our review you can see the latest trends of the wedding fashion collections. Bridal looks 2020.

Bridal looks  2020 – what designers say

Some top designers have already presented their wedding collections at the latest Fashion Weeks. They demonstrated new fresh looks at the bridal outfit 2019-2020. The catwalk trends suggest moving away from traditional solutions. They also offer not to be afraid of experiments that can emphasize the newlywed’s individuality. Indeed, on the wedding day every girl wants to be fascinating. And a luxurious outfit helps to achieve this goal. This outfit will embody the wildest fantasies.

Collections of wedding dresses 2019 impress with a variety of styles. Design houses such as Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang, Elie Saab, Jenny Packham, Monique Lhuillier, Lela Rosse have prepared many interesting bright decisions for future brides. Everyone can find her perfect option among them. Elegant classic models, stylish minimalistic designs, romantic bohemian dresses, seductive laces, trendy trouser suits and crop top outfits… Fashion of the new season will let every bride to express herself glowing and unexpectedly.

Fashion images of the bride: embodied elegance by Carolina Herrera

Laconic silhouettes, expensive noble fabrics, a minimum of decor… The year of 2019 supports the trends set by the most famous wedding of the last year. The Meghan Markle’s wedding dress has become a standard of elegance and set the tone for leading shows.

Models from the lookbook of Carolina Herrera design house supported the idea of a classic outfit. Moreover, they provided a unique spin on it. Minimalistic feminine looks are embellished with effective details. The dresses are decorated with bows, elegant handmade embroideries, low-cut décolleté in the back and long tails.

Carolina Herrera continues to follow the traditional wedding palette. She prefers pure white color to all the shades. Soft yellow, purple and lavender bows and ribbons, embroidery and waistbands details, decors on the tails… All these colorful elements just enhance the soft lightning of the white.

Exquisite dresses in the style of Grace Kelly remain a hit of the Carolina Herrera collections. Clear lines of silhouettes, tempting corsets, delicate lace decor… In such outfit every bride will feel like a real princess.

Fashionable bridal look: royal luxury by Vera Wang

A leading wedding designer Vera Wang devoted her collection 2019 to the French monarch Louis XIV. In far 17th century, the Sun King was known as a great dandy and was considered to be the legislator of Versailles fashions. Models from Vera Wong send the viewer into an era of dazzling luxury and royal chic. Layered tulle skirts, fluffy sleeves, gold embroideries, high frill collars, lace gowns… The incredible Vera Wang wedding dresses embody high style and point at sophisticated taste.

Aristocratic nude shades dominate in the color palettes of the collection 2019. Soft beige tones effectively match with more bright colors and dignify their bold spirit. The timid nude is combined with black, emerald green, purple, pink, damask and yellow shades. It makes a traditional wedding look into a ravishing feast of taste and style.

Notably, every bride from the lookbook got a Russian romantic name in honor of the heroines of the Russian classics. Fluffy tulle skirts are another peculiarity of the latest designer wedding models. Vera Wong is sure that the bride in her dress is a bright personality. And it is worth breaking stereotypes and going against the prevailing canons.

Wedding looks by Elie Saab

The idea of aristocratic elegance can be seen in the collections of a Lebanese designer Elie Saab. And again, on the catwalks, models demonstrate the high style of the princely house of Monaco and its legendary representative, Princess Grace Kelly. Delightfully lush outfits look expensive, spectacular and impeccably elegant, as the high society Haute Couture dresses should be.

Classic silhouettes with layered skirts and accented waist reign at the Elie Saab wedding collections 2019. The wonderful royal style is supported by silk embroideries and pearls.

Snow-white models in the ball style are alternated with luxurious outfits in the nude colors. Elie Saab boldly opens the bride’s shoulders not breaking the rules of classic canons. Shining satin, frivolous tulle, noble silk, mother-of-pearl crepe… Working with expensive fabrics, the designer creates real masterpieces worthy of a royal wedding.

A real icing on the cake of the wedding collection 2019 is a wonderful dress embellished with fancy patterns from pearl beads. The pearly scattering resembles dewdrops and flows down from the bodice onto the puffy skirt. Another bright model is a lacy off-the-shoulder elegant dress with long sleeves and a thin waistband. The gown is completely covered with unique handmade embroidery. That creates an effect of gentle winter patterns.

Romantic wedding images by Jenny Packham

Classic gowns in romantic style dominate in the wedding collection of the British designer Jenny Packham.

The lack of corsets and overly puffy skirts will be nice for the amateurs of elegant simplicity. Flowing fabrics create light silhouettes, an exquisite decor in the form of iridescent embroideries, sequins and rhinestones give classy glamorous notes. Extraordinary trouser suits and jumpsuits look especially bold against these gentle models. They are shown in tandem with a bright leather biker jacket decorated with funny cartoon characters.

Fashionable outfit in classic style by Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier is keeping out of the experiments made by other designers and continues to follow the rules of classic canons. Clearly made cutouts, chaste necklines, puffy skirts, lace details… The trendy bridal look is completed with a stylish veil.

The new Monique Lhuillier’s collection dazzles with shining whiteness of the models. They are created for the brides who have an eye for a real luxury. Elegant and incredibly feminine classic floor-length gowns are alternated with bold short models. Non-standard length dresses will give comfort during the whole day. Moreover, captivating short dresses give a bride the special lightness and heaven ephemerality.

Seductive lace models with long sleeves and shawls intrigue and let us indulge in bold fantasies. Colorful floral motifs refer to the impressionists and emphasize the sensuality of the newlywed’s image. Monique Lhuillier managed to embody a beautiful fairy tale and dress up her main character in a dream gown.

Bridal image 2019 by Lela Rosse

A capsule of the Lela Rosse fashion house presents romantic classic models. Elegant A-line dresses and seductive “fish” models resemble the outfits of fairy-tale princesses. This effect is achieved through the use of original decorative elements: wide flounces, frills, bows and ruffles. In the lookbook of Lela Rose there is a lace dress with puffy sleeves in the form of light flounces. They create an illusion of airy not sticky-sweet, but sophisticated, light and soft marshmallow.

One of the most fairylike models is an open-shoulders lace gown with a big bow merging into a luxury tail on the back. Bold brides will like the form-fitting outfit with thing straps made of a jour lace. Its feature is a low V-shaped eye-catching neckline.

Lela Rosse’s outfits are the choice of brides with impeccable taste, for whom elegance has long been a credo. Any wedding dress from the brand’s collection makes the newlywed into the embodiment of chastity, a true icon of style and a role model.

Fashion bride 2019: cheeky style by Naeem Khan

Do you want to turn your wedding into a real performance where you’re the main star? Then look closely at the outfits of the capsule collection of an American designer Naeem Khan. Cheeky, extravagant and incredibly elegant dresses are made of the plenty of different materials. Orientally luxurious and at the same time Western practical models arouse admiration and desire to try on each of them. Melting gold sequins flowing down the expensive translucent fabrics, chic embroideries, provoking mesh with appliqués, luxurious lace, feathers and fringe… The Naim Khan’s lookbook resembles a casket of priceless treasures awaiting their finest hour.

A tracksuit to a wedding? Why not? Especially, if this suit looks so stylish and feminine. Embroidered with unusual patterns outfit consists of straight classic trousers and a hooded sweatshirt.

White sneakers or gym shoes will perfectly fit the look of a sporty bride. To complement the wedding look, the designer offers a traditional long veil.

Another bold solution from Naeem Khan is a jumpsuit with a detachable skirt. A provoking look of tight-fitting models made of lace or mesh is gentled with long tulle or satin skirts.

A real pearl of the collection 2019 is a gold jumpsuit with a long transparent shawl from beige tulle. The luxurious outfit tells about your status without a word. After all, such a dazzling bride is simply impossible to pass by.

Stylish bridal look by Vivienne Westwood

One of the most mischievous fashion designers presented a wedding collection 2019 in collaboration with her husband. Capsule by Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler is made for disrespectful brides to the established canons and traditions. Outrageous models with crinolines, lacing, feathers and suspenders are complemented by no less vivid accessories.

Nevertheless, the wedding collection of Vivienne Westwood in the season of 2019 slightly softened the rebellious spirit. It traditionally reigns at the shows of the legendary British designer. The delicate milk and cream shades dominate in the color scheme of the capsule. And open shoulders, long gloves and long tieback skirts take us back to the Baroque era.

Fashion bridal look 2019-2020: the latest dress trends

The key trends of the wedding seasons 2019-2020 give a bride total freedom and right to express her personality. Leading designer houses suggest shifting away from the traditional strict canons. Instead of this they offer to try out different styles and color schemes. But it doesn’t mean that tradition amateurs have to wait when the classics become popular again. The variety of models at the shows of the upcoming seasons will make it easy to choose an option for every taste.

According to fashion experts, the most promising future holds for luxurious dresses with layered skirts and lace trimming. Delicately laconic boat neck models dedicated to the wedding of the Duchess of Sussex, also do not give up their positions. They go well together with seductive outfits decorated with low necks. Gorgeous “mermaid” silhouettes with puffy cascade skirts will still remain all the rage. A translucent embroidered or appliquéd bodice will give a piquant highlight. Bold trouser suits and jumpsuits with detachable skirts dilute the classic line.

The unusual long sleeves are a hot trend of the season 2019. Fancy sleeve dresses embellished with embroideries and appliqués can be seen in many wedding capsule collections. This is a particularly good option for those who are planning a wedding in a cold season.

Color palette: hottest trends of a wedding look

Fashion wedding gown 2019-2020 can impress with its bold color solution. Traditional snow-white outfits are still remaining popular. However, the modern wedding aesthetics suggests not being limited to only one slightly bored shade.

Lookbooks of the famous fashion houses impress with the variety of colorful models. And it’s not just only soft pastels, but also cheeky, vibrant red, blue, yellow, lilac, pink and even black colors. In the color palette 2019-2020 there is also a place for the defiantly luxurious gold. It is used in the fabrics and decors of the wedding outfits.

Decor and accessories

A lot of flowers and textures is the decoration of the fashion wedding looks 2019. It will make any humble dress into a real masterpiece. One of the hits of the current season is a bow of any size, form and color. Many wedding collections didn’t go without models with a bow that were detached on the most unexpected areas. An abundance of such outfits can be found in Carolina Herrera. She boldly experiments with color schemes and the shape of bows.

3D floral ornaments give textural expressiveness to the minimalist style dresses. Patterns are decorated with Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, sequins and feathers. The relief decor in any embodiment looks equally impressive on both long and short models.

A long tail is an element that creates a feeling of stylishness of the look. The tail can be long, puffy and magnificent, as at the real princesses. Another option is a short and convenient one, as at the lady with the expressed obsession with comfort. In any case, the tail look will be bright and memorable.

No matter what dress or wedding idea you choose. The most important is your wonderful mood and confidence in your fascination. Take to heart the recommendations of the wedding stylists and create your own unique look. And your fiancé will certainly have a crush on you.

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