CAVO VENTUS wedding venue in Santorini photo

The top 10 Santorini wedding Venues 2024

The top Santorini wedding venues 2024

Santorini, a picturesque Greek island in the Aegean Sea, has long been a dream destination for couples seeking a romantic and unforgettable wedding experience. Its stunning landscapes, breathtaking sunsets, and unique architectural beauty provide the perfect backdrop for exchanging vows. With 2024 just around the corner, it’s time to explore the top 10 Santorini wedding venues 2024 that will make your special day truly magical.

Top 10 Santorini wedding venues overlooking Caldera 2024

Cavo Ventus Villa

In the heart of Akrotiri, a charming village on the mesmerizing island of Santorini, lies a gem of unparalleled beauty – Cavo Ventus Villa. This private villa is the epitome of luxury, offering an exquisite combination of modern amenities and traditional Cycladic charm. Let’s go into what makes Cavo Ventus Villa a truly remarkable choice for your 2024 Santorini wedding. There’s a reason why this is our first choice on the list.

Picture-perfect location

Perched on the unique Caldera of Akrotiri, Cavo Ventus Villa presents majestic views of the Aegean Blue and the volcanic Caldera. This natural backdrop is simply awe-inspiring, providing an enchanting setting for your special day. Imagine saying “I do” on the first terrace with the breathtaking vistas of Santorini and its iconic sunsets as your witnesses! It is truly believed to be 1 of the top 10 Santorini wedding venues.

One of the other standout features of Cavo Ventus Villa is its two-tiered terrace design. Your wedding ceremony can take place on the first terrace, with the volcanic landscape and crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea stretching out before you. Then, seamlessly transition to the second terrace for your reception too, creating a harmonious flow that saves you from the hassle of moving on your wedding day.

Timeless Elegance and Modern Comfort

Looking further back, Cavo Ventus Villa is not just a venue – it’s a work of art. Built around a 200-year-old stone windmill; the villa exudes a sense of timeless elegance. The design embraces the traditional architecture of Santorini while seamlessly incorporating modern and luxurious amenities. The result is a 1000-square-meter masterpiece that invites you to experience the best of both worlds.

Moreover the villa features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a spacious living room, all thoughtfully designed with a view that never gets old. A fully equipped kitchen is at your disposal, perfect for catering to your guests or simply enjoying a quiet morning coffee.

Private Paradise

Step outside, and you’ll find your own piece of paradise as well. Cavo Ventus Villa boasts a 400-square-meter private terrace, a beautifully manicured garden, and a heated swimming pool. This outdoor oasis is the perfect spot to unwind, taking in the unparalleled beauty that surrounds you. The fully equipped pool bar is always ready to serve up refreshing juices and colorful cocktails, making relaxation effortless.

Dana Villas

Perched on the edge of the iconic Caldera, Dana Villas & Infinity Suites offers an experience that transcends the ordinary, awakening your deepest desires. Dana Villas is our second choice on the list based on a number of reasons that place her in the top 10 Santorini wedding venues.

Dana Villas wedding venue in Santorini photo

Contemporary Island Luxury

The cave pool suites at Dana Villas are an oasis of seclusion, where contemporary island accommodation blends seamlessly with breathtaking views of the deep blue sea, and the enchanting sight of the volcano. Hanging on the edge of the Caldera, Dana Villas is among the Luxury wedding venues in Santorini where every fantasy can come to life. White-washed traditional cave spaces and winding corridors offer majestic Santorini views, creating an atmosphere that is both captivating and serene.

Where Intimate Romance Meets Vibrant Night

Remotely located at the far end of the village of Firostefani, Dana Villas & Infinity Suites is a haven for those in pursuit of serenity and intimate romance during the day, while the lively nightlife of the central town of Fira is just a short walk away. It’s a place where you can bask in the serenity of Santorini’s landscapes during the day and then, when night falls, embrace the vibrant energy of the island’s nightlife.

Gastronomy that Excites the Palate 

Dana Villas’ luxury accommodation is complemented by the culinary delights of Orkos restaurant, a new Greek Gastronomy Cuisine proposal that will elevate your dining experience. Expect a symphony of flavors and ingredients that will excite your taste buds and make each meal an extraordinary journey of the senses.

Soma Spa Center: A Sanctuary for Mind and Body 

For those who seek rejuvenation, Dana Villas’ signature Soma Spa Center offers a range of therapies designed to invigorate your body and mind. Rooted in Greek philosophy and using strokes and ingredients made to intensify your senses, the spa is a sanctuary where you can beautify your stay and connect with your inner serenity.

Rooms and Villas for Every Desire

Dana Villas offers a variety of well-appointed suites and villas too, each with its own unique charm. These accommodations are equipped with modern amenities, including cable TV, air conditioning, safety deposit boxes, and coffee-making facilities. Most of the suites and villas feature indoor heated plunge pools with hydromassage facilities, and some offer private outdoor infinity pools that overlook the breathtaking Caldera and the deep blue Aegean Sea.

Views that Steal Your Breath Away 

The panoramic vistas from Dana Villas are nothing short of extraordinary. The island’s volcanic landscapes, the famous Santorini sunset, and the mesmerizing Caldera are your daily companions. Every day, the sun paints a new masterpiece across the sky, and you have a front-row seat to this unforgettable show.

Unforgettable Dining Experiences 

Dana Villas’ restaurant, with its vantage point overlooking the Caldera, serves both Greek and international specialties. The pool bar offers an array of cocktails and smoothies to keep you refreshed as you soak in the sun. Room service is also available, ensuring that you have everything you need right at your doorstep.

Service That Exceeds Expectations

Guests at Dana Villas enjoy free Wi-Fi access and the convenience of a 24-hour reception service. During the summer season, a minibus transfer to the port and the airport is provided at an additional charge. And for those traveling by car, free public parking is available in the vicinity of Dana Villas.

Santorini Gem

When we consider the island’s enchanting settings, Santorini Gem Wedding Venue and Villa stand as magnificent jewel, embodying the essence of elegant and romantic celebrations

The Ultimate Heaven

You see, Santorini’s natural beauty and timeless serenity always create the ultimate haven for celebrating your special day. The majestic caldera views provide an awe-inspiring backdrop to your most cherished moments. Santorini Gem promises to enchant both you and your guests with its magical aura.

Standing proudly among the world’s top wedding locations, Santorini Gem offers a combination of style and glamour that is truly exceptional. Whether you’re the bride and groom or among cherished friends and family, this private estate provides flawless views and lush green spaces for the celebration of your marriage.

You can find a detailed look at these venues (and more!) on our wedding venues page. Trust us, you will be easily lured into daydreaming about your bespoke union once you see them.

Santorini Gem luxury wedding venue photo

Versatile Venue for All Occasions 

Santorini Gem is a luxury venue that can host large or smaller-scale events. With its well-appointed outdoor and indoor spaces, carefully selected services, and a variety of menus, it ensures a tailor-made experience for your wedding. The venue’s ability to adapt to your preferences is one of its most significant strengths, guaranteeing that your wedding will be a reflection of your unique love story.

Stunning Wedding Villa 

In addition to the splendid wedding venue, Santorini Gem offers a spectacular wedding villa for your accommodation. This takes your Santorini experience to a whole new level. The villa provides a luxurious retreat, ensuring that your stay on this idyllic island is both comfortable and unforgettable.

Finest Wedding Planning Services 

The team of Marvellous Weddings takes immense pride in offering the finest wedding planning services. Our expertise ensures that every aspect of your wedding day is meticulously planned, from the ceremony to the sunset reception. They understand that your wedding day must be not only meticulously planned but also genuinely and spontaneously felt.

As you exchange vows of eternal love in this romantic paradise, you’ll be greeted by the majestic beauty of Santorini, the timeless serenity of the island, and the elegance of Santorini Gem. This venue is not just a place for weddings; it’s a space where dreams come to life, where love stories are written, and where moments are cherished.

El Viento

Nestled on the picturesque cliffside of Megalochori village, Santorini’s El Viento is a wedding venue that weaves the magic of reality and dreams into an unforgettable tapestry. As you step into this enchanting haven, prepare to be swept off your feet by the sheer romance and authenticity that characterize this unique setting.

El Viento wedding venue Santorin

The allure of Megalochori

Megalochori, one of the most beautiful villages on the island of Santorini, is home to El Viento. Here, you’ll find the perfect marriage between reality and the enchanting. With its breathtaking views of the Caldera and the volcano from its cliff-edge terrace, El Viento effortlessly captures the essence of Santorini’s beauty.

What sets El Viento apart is its intimacy, romance, and authenticity. It’s a place where the traditional charm of Santorini remains untarnished, and the authenticity of the experience is palpable from the moment you arrive.

A Windmill Villa with a Story

El Viento is a brand-new windmill villa boasting ample space for up to 100 guests in its outdoor area. Nestled in the historic village of Megalochori, it’s not just any windmill; it’s the oldest windmill in Santorini. Its unique history and character add an extra layer of charm to your special day.

The outdoor spaces at El Viento are simply breathtaking. The backdrop of the volcano, the expansive Aegean Sea, and the most captivating sunset create the perfect, romantic setting for exchanging your vows. The upper terrace is an ideal spot for scenic ceremonies, while the lower terrace provides the perfect space for your reception.

An Extraordinary Retreat

El Viento also goes beyond just being a venue. The windmill has been thoughtfully converted into accommodation, providing a cozy haven for two. The small living room, well-equipped kitchen, and a hot tub on the sun terrace offer a secluded retreat with spectacular views. This unique feature allows you to immerse yourself in the magic of Santorini for more than just your wedding day.

What We Love

What’s not to love about El Viento? The relaxed and authentic location, combined with the breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and the volcano, create an ambiance that’s simply unparalleled. It’s a place where time slows down, and love stories come to life in the most enchanting way.

If you’ve fallen in love with what you see, El Viento invites you to take the next step in planning your dream wedding. Whether you’re seeking further information on hiring El Viento as your wedding venue, wish to explore pricing and packages, or want to book a visit to this magical place, a simple message to the venue is all it takes to set your dream in motion.

Thermes Villas

Santorini as always, with its iconic blend of stark white buildings and deep blue accents, is a true Cycladic gem. At Thermes Luxury Villas & Spa, this quintessential island aesthetic takes center stage, and it’s here where the elements of rock, wood, and those signature white and blue hues create a harmonious symphony of style and luxury.

Thermes Villas wedding venue Santorini

Tradition Meets Chic Elegance

Thermes Villas welcomes you to a world where simplicity meets elegance, tradition marries luxury, and a colorful ambience surrounds you. The decor is simple, yet every detail exudes chic charm. Traditional Cycladic influences are beautifully interwoven with modern luxury, creating a sense of space and style that’s hard to resist.

What sets Thermes Villas apart is not just the stylish interiors but the equally outstanding exteriors. Each villa offers generous balconies, providing a space to unwind, soak in the Santorinian sun, and lose yourself in the mesmerizing blue of the Aegean Sea. Whether you choose to relax on the sun loungers or take a refreshing dip in the infinity pool, this is a place where you’ll discover the true essence of relaxation.

Eight Suites, Countless Sensations 

Eight exquisite suites at Thermes Villas await you, each promising a world of luxury and a sensory journey. These spaces invite you to embrace the beauty and tranquility of the island in a truly unique way. As you step into your suite, you’ll find yourself surrounded by comfort and elegance, and the promise of an unforgettable stay.

Convenience in the Heart of Megalochori 

Conveniently located in the heart of Megalochori, Thermes Luxury Villas & Spa places you right in the middle of this charming village. With the center just a stone’s throw away, you have easy access to its unique character and vibrant culture.

For travelers who seek a spa retreat, a romantic escape, or a luxurious vacation, Thermes Villas is the ultimate destination. The nearest Santorini (Thira) Airport is only a short 5.4 kilometers away, ensuring a hassle-free arrival and departure.

Why Choose Thermes Luxury Villas & Spa 

Thermes Luxury Villas & Spa takes hospitality to the next level with a range of services that cater to your every need. From exquisite dining experiences to the convenience of in-room food and drink service, you’re offered a taste of true luxury.

Besides that the list of amenities extends to include a private pool, making your stay even more special. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, romance, or simply a luxurious getaway, Thermes Villas has you covered.

In the heart of Megalochori, Thermes Villas offers a delightful blend of tradition and luxury, making it an unforgettable destination in Santorini.This is where you can immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of the island while enjoying the modern comforts of a true luxury getaway.

Le Ciel

Imagine a place where your most cherished memories are crafted, where dreams come to life, and where your special day is nothing short of extraordinary. That place is Le Ciel, a luxury wedding venue on the enchanting island of Santorini. Welcome to a world where unforgettable moments are not just an expectation but a promise.

Creating Unforgettable Moments 

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a celebration, a conference, or a gathering, Le Ciel is the ideal setting for your event. With its versatile design, state-of-the-art facilities, and dedicated team of professionals, you can relinquish the burden of details and truly savor the moment.

The flexibility of Le Ciel knows no bounds. Whether you have an intimate gathering in mind or a grand, large-scale event, this venue has the capacity to accommodate your vision and exceed your expectations. Your special day is not just another event; it’s an unforgettable experience, and Le Ciel is here to make it perfect.

Where Forever Begins 

Whether you’re exchanging vows in an intimate ceremony or hosting a grand celebration, Le Ciel sets the stage for your love story. With breathtaking views and an ambiance that whispers of romance, it’s the perfect backdrop for your union.

Indulge in a Feast for the Senses 

At Le Ciel, a feast for the senses awaits. The menu is a symphony of flavors, with every dish prepared freshly each day under the watchful eye of their head chef. The ingredients are sourced from the local produce of Santorini and the Greek Islands of the Aegean Sea, ensuring an authentic and delectable experience.\

But at Le Ciel, it’s not just about the food; it’s about infusing every dish with “meraki” – the Greek word that embodies doing something with love and care. Every bite you take is an expression of their commitment to making your experience extraordinary.

Aenaon Villas as a part of top 10 Santorini wedding venues 2024

Santorini, once it becomes your destination, has a way of forever capturing your heart. A place that lures you back, time and time again. Aenaon Villas, perched atop a steep slope in the northern part of this captivating island, embodies the enchantment and warm hospitality that make Santorini an island destination for life.

Aenaon Villas wedding venue photo

The Unique Location

At Aenaon Villas, it’s all about location. This hidden gem is strategically placed at the highest and narrowest point of Santorini, right on the edge of the world-famous Caldera. Here, you’ll find yourself immersed in a panoramic dreamscape, featuring the deep blue Aegean Sea, the iconic volcano’s Caldera, and, of course, the world’s most breathtaking sunset. The villas are nestled on the ancient path connecting Oia with Imerovigli and Fira, overseeing the stunning beaches that stretch along the island’s east coast.

Where Tradition Meets Modern Luxury

Aenaon Villas effortlessly fuses the brilliance of whitewashed surfaces with the island’s age-old volcanic stone too. The result is a collection of Luxury wedding venues in Santorini that exude a sense of both traditional grandeur and modern luxury. The stonework harkens to the island’s history while embracing contemporary amenities.

Each villa offers a separate living room and dining room, complete with an equipped kitchen and a bathroom with a shower. Some even feature a cozy fireplace. As you start your day, you’re treated to a delectable Greek, continental, or breakfast spread that perfectly sets the tone for the day’s adventures.

Infinite Views, Endless Serenity

Aenaon Villas is uniquely positioned to open up to all four points of the horizon, from east to west as well. The villa’s exterior is a masterpiece of traditional Cycladic architecture. Each villa comes with a private porch, where you can unwind and soak in the breathtaking views that stretch out before you.

One of the highlights of Aenaon Villas however, is its infinity pool, perched on the edge of the Caldera. The pool area offers an unobstructed panorama of the Aegean Sea, the volcano, and the unique sunset that Santorini is celebrated for. It’s a place where time seems to stand still, where you can lose yourself in the infinite blue of the sea and the beauty of the Caldera.

Aenaon Villas is an idyllic retreat where Santorini’s allure is showcased at its best. It’s a place that tempts you to come back, not just for a vacation, but to make Santorini your island destination for life. Here, every moment is a memory, every view is a painting, and every stay is a love affair with the enchanting beauty of this extraordinary island.

Andromeda Villas

As we already know, Santorini, with its sea-drowned Caldera, black-sand beaches, and crimson sunsets, embodies the quintessential Greek island fantasy. In the heart of this enchanting landscape lies Andromeda Villas, a testament to the harmonious blend of luxury and natural beauty that Santorini is known for. It’s among our top 10 Santorini wedding venues for 2024 for a reason.

Andromeda Villas wedding venue photo

The Ultimate Island Retreat

Andromeda Villas stands as the largest resort in Imerovigli, setting the standard for Luxury wedding venues in Santorini on this captivating island. It’s a place where luxury isn’t just a feature but an experience woven into the very fabric of the resort. From the moment you arrive, you’re welcomed into a world of impeccable accommodation, where each room and suite are a testament to maximalist beauty.

Your Home Away from Home

Andromeda Villas is on a mission to make you feel at home while indulging you with all the privileges of staying in one of Santorini’s most luxurious destinations. The rare sensibility of view permeates the entire experience. As you take in the sweeping vistas of the Caldera, you’re reminded that you’re in a place where nature’s beauty knows no bounds.

The resort takes pride in its farm-to-table gastronomy, where local produce forms the foundation of unforgettable dining experiences. Whether you’re relaxing by the pool or unwinding with spa services, every moment is an opportunity to take in the beauty of this magical corner of the world.

Elegance Above the Caldera 

Andromeda Villas & Spa Resort is an embodiment of elegance, perched 984 feet above the dramatic Caldera. The resort offers a swimming pool that provides stunning views of the Caldera, sun terraces adorned with complimentary sunbeds and sunshades, and lounge areas complete with hot tubs.

The traditionally styled rooms and suites at Andromeda Villas are characterized by a simple yet timeless elegance. While you’re surrounded by the charm of Santorini’s architecture, you’ll find that all modern amenities are at your fingertips.

An Island Dining Experience 

Dining at Andromeda Villas is a journey in itself too. The resort offers a variety of dining and drinking options, including a dedicated breakfast room, a restaurant, a dinner restaurant, and an outdoor café and pool bar. Whether it’s breakfast with a view, a romantic dinner, or cocktails by the pool, the dining experiences here are as memorable as the island’s sunsets.

Your Island Getaway Awaits 

Andromeda Villas isn’t just a resort; it’s a gateway to exploring the island and its unique treasures. With a multitude of exquisite restaurants, bars, and shops in the vicinity, you have easy access to Santorini’s vibrant culture. The island’s capital, Fira, is a mere 1.2 miles away, making it the ideal base for your Santorini adventures.

And when it’s time to relax and recharge, Andromeda Villas welcomes you with open arms. The resort features a 24-hour front desk, room service, and a concierge, ensuring that your every need is met. You can also enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool or savor the flavors of the on-site restaurant.

And so, Andromeda Villas beckons, inviting you to experience the best of Imerovigli and Santorini. It’s a sanctuary of luxury, where every moment is a memory, every view is a masterpiece, and every stay is a journey into the heart of this captivating island.

Theros Beach Bar

Tucked away on the volcanic white rocks of Vlyhada, just a stone’s throw from the sea, Theros Beach Bar emerges like an otherworldly oasis among the top 10 Santorini wedding venues 2024.. Built from the very volcanic rock that defines Santorini, it seamlessly blends into its remarkable environment. Here, the allure of the island is palpable, and every moment feels like a step into a dream of the top 10 Santorini wedding venues 2024.

There Bar wedding venue Santorini photo

An Extraterrestrial Setting 

The volcanic landscape of Theros Beach Bar is a true testament to the island’s unique character. You’ll find sunbeds lining the beach, a bar that whips up tantalizing cocktails, and a backdrop of lounge music that harmonizes with the natural beauty of the surroundings. This is more than just a beach bar; it’s a sanctuary for those who crave relaxation and enchanting sunsets. No wonder it’s among the best beach wedding venues in Santorini.

Situated on the shores of Vlyhada, Theros Beach Bar boasts an unparalleled location, offering sweeping views of the commanding volcanic rocks. Just 15 minutes away from Fira, it becomes a jewel in the landscape, beckoning you to savor every moment of the day.

The Complete Experience 

Theros Beach Bar further invites you to unwind and indulge. Whether it’s a soothing massage, a leisurely day on your sunbed, or exceptional beach service, this place has it all. The menu is a culinary journey through the flavors of the Mediterranean, complemented by signature cocktails and a carefully curated selection of local and international wines. It’s no wonder that Theros Beach Bar has earned its reputation as one of the best beach bars in the Mediterranean.

Unveil the Beauty of Santorini 

What makes Theros Beach Bar truly unique is the backdrop it offers. As you look out over the volcanic cliffs of Vlychada, the balconies seem to hang above the sea, and the horizon stretches to infinity. It’s a place where you can spend your summer days and evenings, immersed in the ever-changing beauty of Santorini.

Flavors for All Senses 

Theros Beach Bar offers more than just a feast for the eyes. It’s a place where you can experience the full spectrum of Santorini’s charm, with a menu that goes beyond just food. From beach service that caters to your every need to fresh juices that invigorate your senses, signature cocktails that tantalize your taste buds, and a wine list that celebrates local and international vintages, this is Santorini with all your senses engaged.

Private Weddings in Paradise

Finally, Theros Beach Bar isn’t just for beachgoers; it’s a place where dreams come true. It offers the perfect backdrop for private weddings, where you can celebrate with your loved ones right on the beach and on the terraces. It’s among the best Santorini elopement wedding venues for sure too. Enjoy the privacy and intimacy of one of the most beautiful spots in Santorini as you exchange your vows and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Villa Irini

Last on our list of top 10 Santorini wedding venues 2024 , but definitely not the least. In the heart of Santorini’s enchanting Caldera, perched on the cliffs that overlook the Aegean Sea and the majestic Volcano, stands Villa Irini—a Cycladic-style haven that beckons travelers to experience the island’s magic. With 10 uniquely designed suites, this property offers a front-row seat to some of Santorini’s most breathtaking views.

Unforgettable Moments Await 

Villa Irini is a destination that combines the classic beauty of the Caldera’s panoramic vistas with the timeless allure of Santorini’s renowned sunset. It’s a place where you can create memories that will last a lifetime. The Cycladic tradition meets modern comforts, and warm hospitality welcomes you to a world where simplicity and luxury coexist.

From your first glimpse of the Caldera to the endless blue horizon of the Aegean Sea, Villa Irini offers an extraordinary backdrop for your Santorini holiday. The inviting swimming pool and the sun terrace become your private retreats where you can soak in the island’s charm.

When you choose to book your stay directly with Villa Irini, you not only secure a memorable experience but also ensure the lowest possible rate. If you happen to find a lower rate for your stay elsewhere, Villa Irini’s commitment to excellence means they will match that rate.

Elegance and Comfort 

The suites at Villa Irini are a testament to elegance and comfort. With amenities like an external hot tub, air conditioning, TV, Wi-Fi, a fridge, coffee/tea making facilities, a safe, and a private balcony, your stay is designed to meet all your needs.

Daily cleaning ensures that you can focus on relaxation and exploration, and leave the rest to the attentive staff.

The Perfect Setting for Special Moments

Villa Irini’s enchanting terrace, with the picturesque Santa Irini chapel as its neighbor, becomes an ideal venue for your Santorini wedding or proposal. Perched on the edge of the Caldera cliffs, you’ll exchange vows and create memories against the backdrop of the Volcano, the Aegean Sea, and the timeless Cycladic architecture.

The terrace’s charm extends to private dinners and the opportunity to capture Santorini’s quintessential sunset in your special photographs. Here, every corner holds the promise of a cherished memory.

We all know that Santorini is known for its secluded settings, and Villa Irini in the picturesque area of Agia Irini is no exception. With the Caldera and the Aegean Sea as your backdrop, you’ll find yourself in one of the island’s most popular and exclusive settings. Whether it’s your dream wedding, a romantic proposal, or a special dinner, Villa Irini is where Santorini’s heart beats at its most vibrant. All those facts make this venue to stand out for top 10 Santorini wedding venues 2024 for intimate event.

Final Words for top 10 Santorini wedding venues 2024

So, as you can see, Santorini continues to be a top wedding destination for couples seeking a magical and romantic backdrop for their special day. With these top ten wedding venues in Santorini for 2024, you have a range of choices, from luxury resorts to rustic wineries, to fulfill your dream wedding vision. 

Whichever venue you choose, you can be confident that your Santorini wedding will be an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests. Here’s to love, breathtaking views, and the beginning of your happily ever after in Santorini in 2024!

Our creative and talented team will arrange a bespoke wedding you have always dreamed of and our packages are tailored made to personal needs of every couple. You can find more information for the venues here .

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