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Things you need to know before planning your Santorini wedding

Santorini wedding will be a perfect choice for those  couples who want to have a destination wedding. Moreover wedding in Santorini turns the Big Day into a  memorable holiday with a unique romantic flair. The Santorini island is a place steeped in legends and myths. Of course attracts loving couples with its incredible natural views. Furthermore it opens up a lot of opportunities for the implementation of any creative scenarios. What are the things you need to know before planning your wedding in Santorini?

Things you need to know planning your Santorini wedding photo

Everything you need to know before planning your wedding in Santorini

Unfortunately, for many couples in love, getting ready for the wedding in Santorini becomes a real stress. Especially when it comes to arranging an event in another unfamiliar country. However, this event should only evoke pleasant emotions and in no case become a source of anxiety. No need to shoulder an unbearable burden and try to solve all the issues related to the preparation of a wedding in Santorini on your own. A professional wedding planner will do this for you! The professional  will help you plan this happy day correctly and create  the wedding in style within the required budget.

Why plan your wedding in Santorini

Santorini is considered the pearl of the Greek archipelago for a reason. This small picturesque island embodies all ideas of a real paradise on earth.
Surrounded by the warm azure waters of the Aegean Sea, Santorini sparkles with elegant snow-white buildings and blue domes of charming churches. The piercingly clear blue of the sky, golden beaches, amazing views of the caldera, incredible sunsets… You will fall in love with it at the first sight and  you will keep this love  in your heart. Santorini wedding can turn into a real fairy tale, and you will be the main characters destined for a long and happy family life. The weather almost always reigns here, and romantic vibes literally soar in the air. In whatever corner of the island the wedding is held, the impressions of this ceremony will never be erased from your memory. You will always remember this day as one of the happiest in your life.

The Santorini Wedding Planner

Starting planning your wedding in Santorini, be sure to contact the experts from the wedding industry. It is these people who will help you to understand in detail all the things you need to know. The wedding planner will guide through the list  of legal requirements and advise on the preparation of the necessary documents. In addition, a  planner in Santorini will suggest the best place for the ceremony and suggest a creative and experienced team of vendors  to come up with  a unique scenario for your wedding. This professional will be the source of information for everything you need to know before planning your Santorini wedding.

Wedding Venues in Santorini

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Most weddings in Santorini take place at Caldera Cliff under the serene blue dome of the sky. There is a big choice of wedding venues with magnificent panoramic views, outdoor areas of chic restaurants and wineries, luxurious villas and yachts…And, of course, unique black beaches for which Santorini is famous. When choosing a wedding location, you should take into account your budget and  the amount of guests you invite. The style of the place should match the concept of your Santorini wedding.

Legal requirements

Some couples fly to Greece after the official marriage to hold a beautiful symbolic ceremony with the closest friends and family. But if you want your wedding in Santorini to be legal, then 3-4 months prior to the wedding please start  collecting the necessary documents. For holding the  civil ceremony in Santorini, a couple should  provide the following documents:
– Passports of the bride and groom. Plain copies.
– Birth certificates of the bride and groom.
– Single Status Letter/ Certificate of Capacity to marry or Marriage License.
– Divorce certificate or adoption certificate if any.

The requirements may differ depending on the country of origin so please contact an experienced wedding planner for professional assistance.
All documents must be officially translated in Greek.

Santorini wedding planner photo photo

Greek Orthodox Ceremony

For the Greek Orthodox ceremony the baptism certificates and the church confirmation that you are free to marry  will be required. You should come 2-3 working days prior to the wedding to the island to have an appointment with the priest. When all the necessary forms will be filled the marriage permission will be issued by the local church authorities. Your Santorini wedding planner will be assisting in all the steps of the legal procedure before and after the wedding. You have to go to the Town hall of Santorini to sign to wedding certificate.

Symbolic wedding in Santorini

A symbolic wedding in Santorini does not require documentary registration.  It means that the newlyweds will be able to fully concentrate on the planning itself. Same-sex couples will not be able to officially marry in Greece. However, they have the opportunity to say the vows of love in a beautiful symbolic ceremony.

Things you need to know before planning your Santorini wedding

Your Santorini wedding budget depends on many important factors. First of all, it is the scale of the event. The final price will depend on  the number of guests, the location you have for the wedding ceremony, the prices of decorators and stylists.. As well as various additional services. You can learn more about the existing services and vendors and cost of wedding packages by contacting our agency. We will be happy to advise you on all questions you might have!

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