Top trends and ideas for wedding ceremonies in Santorini Greece.

Wedding in Santorini Greek island.

Ideas for wedding – what couple doesn’t dream of a perfect wedding? A fancy celebration in the best classic traditions, creative theme party or modest, intimate ceremony; all newly weds imagine this important event in their own way.  But in any case a wedding day must be remembered as one of the exciting stories of the family life. To fulfill everything you planned, it’s needed to focus on preparation for the celebration, so it would be a key starting point for new happy life with the one you love.

ideas for wedding

The latest wedding trends are targeted at the creation of individual concepts to express the philosophy of a future family.  Groom and bride’s tastes and preferences, their character traits and shared vision for the future must be taken into account in planning the wedding. An expertly organized wedding can turn into a breathtaking action with spectacular decorations and unusual plot based on a story of the loving couple.

The latest wedding trends to express the philosophy of a future family !

Santorini, a small Greek island with fabulous scenery and romantic atmosphere attracting loving couples from all corners of the world, can offer especially broad horizons for an amazing wedding ceremony in any relevant style. Wedding in Santorini can become a marvellous fairytale you have been always dreaming of.  Especially since the most unusual wedding solution can be achieved in these picturesque nature locations.

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Bohemian ease and glamorous sophistication, elegant minimalism and admirable retro… the latest wedding trends give up trite parties with a huge amount of guests in favour of intimate celebrations with unique ideas and atmospheric mood. The most popular top wedding styles are the following:

Bohemian chic for free and independent.

ideas for wedding

Bohemian chic wedding organically combines elements from different styles and creative arts. Coloured ethnic motives infuse with nostalgic vintage notes and romantic ideas of the “flower kids” and create emancipation peculiar to the extraordinary people. A multi-layered flowing dress with lacy details, original accessories in ethno style and comfortable footwear will emphasize a perfect look of the bohemian bride. A hairstyle with naturally loose curls, soft make-up, jewellery made of fresh wild or exotic flowers; such a fascinating and touching delicate look of the main character of a boho chic wedding…

Natural materials, freely falling draperies, vintage elements making some bright accents and rich flower decor prevail in the design of a bohemian chic wedding ceremony. A lot of attention should be devoted to the flower arrangement of a bohemian wedding. The plenty of live flowers will stress the holiday atmosphere, give it warmth and expressiveness.

The best place to hold bohemian chic ceremonies is considered to be nature decorations.  A bohemian romantic wedding in Santorini can take place on the seashore or a charming olive grove, against the ancient historical monuments or among picturesque buildings. The island’s landscapes let you choose a perfect place for the celebration that would give weight of incredible impressions and exciting emotions both newly weds and guests.

Charming rustic wedding

ideas for wedding

Rustic style is one of the main wedding trends of the latest seasons.  In translation from French “rustic” means “simple” and “village”. Therefore, this kind of a style rejects any show of pomposity and pretentiousness. The maximum simplicity and naturalness in each detail, deliberately negligent decorations, natural scenery — a wedding in a rustic style is characterized by vivid, incredibly warm and cozy atmosphere for all guests.

To make a really atmospheric wedding in Santorini, design it in a rustic style. Especially since, the island has enough locations where your holiday would play out in bright sunny colors.  A main peculiarity of a rustic style is usage of simple nature materials, natural color scheme in design and classic village elements of decor.

The style direction of the ceremony will be supported by the competently made flower arrangement.  Garlands from touching wild flowers, wreaths or balloons compositions, branch bouquets — all these natural attributes will be organically combined in the wicker baskets, wooden boxes or birch bark boxes. The bridal hairstyle and outfit are decorated with fresh flowers as if just taken from a lovely rural flowerbed. The traditional bouquet of wild plants is complemented with dried flowers, branches, herbs or berries, decorated with natural textiles, laces, and rough jute string.

ideas for wedding

The rustic bride’s look is a soft make-up in natural shades, elegant dress or a pinafore made of natural fabrics, a hairstyle with easy messy curls, floral details, vintage accessories and a lovely simple flowers bouquet. The rustic romantic wedding in Santorini doesn’t demand long search of a venue. At newly weds service is a wide choice of the most beautiful scenic locations where it is able to organize an unforgettable celebration in rustic style both with their own efforts and services of qualified wedding planners.

Vintage wedding for connoisseurs of retro

ideas for wedding

Vintage style wedding represents an event designed in the best traditions of last years. Usually it is based on the 20s, 30s, 50s or 60s of the last century. These periods are characterized by peculiar aesthetics that made some impact upon the next tendencies in the culture, fashion and style development.  The best places for holding a vintage wedding are impressive interiors of yachts and country villas, the semi-antique styled rooms, well-groomed park zones, and natural locations with natural sceneries.

Before starting the organization of a vintage wedding ceremony, it is necessary to define the period which will be embodied during the holiday. It can be both a luxury glamorous event in the spirit of the Great Gatsby and relaxed party of “flower kids” in the spring garden. Fans of Hollywood traditions can turn into the stars walking the red carpet of a famous film festival, and admirers of the 60s can have fun to the clockwork rock-n-roll trying on the dresses of their grannies.

ideas for wedding

All the elements necessary for creating the bride’s image are selected according to the traditions and requirements of the chosen era. Feminine exquisite dress is complemented with distinctive accessories:   gloves, hats, long beads, bandages, fresh flowers wreaths, tiny handbags and soft pastel bouquets. The choice of a hairstyle and make-up depends on an embodied image.  Dainty seashells, frivolous beehive hairdos, carelessly loose or perfectly styled curls are decorated with bun nets, tiaras, eye veils, tiny hats or flower compositions.

The latter is also highly important in the design of a vintage wedding.  When planning a hippie wedding ceremony that has much in common with the bohemian style, special attention should be paid to the floral decor. Having adorned garlands with fresh flowers, banquet tables and photo zones, you can emphasize a general idea. And your wedding in Santorini will become an enchanting celebration remembered by all the guests for a long time.

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