The villas to get married in Santorini photo

The villas you get married in Santorini

Tips from Santorini wedding planner for the villas you can get married in Santorini

Santorini is a beautiful island located in the southern Aegean Sea, 120 miles away from the Greek mainland, with coastal cliffs of rugged terrain rising from the blue sea and striking architecture of white and blue tones scattered across the mountainous terrain of this great wedding location. Where you can get married on one of the most romantic islands in the world and there are a lot of villas to get married in Santorini.

Once an island devastated by volcanic eruptions centuries ago, Santorini now stands out as one of the favorite destinations for weddings. This gorgeous island offers to couples a multitude of amazing venues, settings and landscapes to host your special day, where you can live the fantasy of a Mediterranean vacation of romance and love.

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Once an island devastated by volcanic eruptions centuries ago, Santorini now stands out as one of the favorite destinations for weddings. This gorgeous island offers to couples a multitude of amazing venues, settings and landscapes to host your special day, where you can live the fantasy of a Mediterranean vacation of romance and love.

From villas to beautiful beaches of volcanic pebbles and breathtaking natural landscapes, Santorini has it all, so if you haven’t fallen in love with this location yet, you’ll surely do after reading about all the places of amazing beauty this island has to offer for your wedding. Here you’ll find the best Santorini villas, where to have a great beach wedding in Santorini and where to go to have a Santorini bohemian wedding out in the open.

Laze Santorini

When you think about your wedding reception do you picture a beautiful view of the sea with all the luxury of a swimming pool with seating areas next to it during a hot summer day?, then you’ll love Laze Santorini. This is a restaurant and pool bar during the day, but at night it becomes the perfect place for a Santorini wedding.

Being a restaurant and bar, you don’t have to worry about parking space or hiring catering or bar services, which are included already with the rental of the place. Your ceremony can take place here too, at the beachfront deck of the pool area and there are also tables and chairs for your wedding, so you won’t have to worry about looking for vendors.

Laze Santorini wedding venue photo. The villas for weddings in Santorini.

Le Ciel

When it comes to Santorini wedding venues, Le Ciel is one of the most famous and visited venues by couples. This beachfront venue will bless your wedding with an unbelievable view of the Aegean Sea and the historic Santorini Volcano, with a mixture of both outdoors and indoors spaces for your wedding reception and ceremony to take place.

In this venue, sunset ceremonies are a must, since the sun goes down directly in front of the gorgeous terrace view, and what a better way to have your ceremony than with the sunset as your backdrop.

EL Viento

Villas are a big part of the wedding scene in Santorini, since they represent the more rustic and casual style of weddings in this amazing island. Villas usually have beautiful vintage finishes in their architecture and look straight out of a fairy tale. El Viento is a relatively small, private and intimate venue with a century old windmill that has been remodeled to host wedding receptions on its terrace with the classic Santorini view to the Aegean Sea

 El Viento is located in a fairly isolated area where your ceremony and reception can take place without much trouble. And not only that, you can also stay at the Santorini caldera for an unforgettable experience in this gorgeous venue.

El Viento wedding venue in Santorini photo. The villas to get married in Santorini.

Theros Wave Bar

For those who are dreaming about a beach wedding in Santorini, there are many places available for this sort of wedding, but one of the most beautiful ones with direct access to the beach is the Theros Wave Bar.

This restaurant bar offers the best of a beachfront terrace venue and an actual beach, with the restaurant hovering over the clear sand of the Santorini coast, standing on top of the gorgeous rock formations that characterize the Santorini coastline.

This venue is perfect if you want your ceremony to take place at the beach during the sunset in a bohemian fashion, with enough space for your guests to be seated, witness your romantic ceremony and then head upstairs to the restaurant and dance until the sun rises again. Theros is a great option and it’s also conveniently located near the capital of Santorini, Fira.

Theros Wave bar beach wedding photo

Santorini Gem Villa

Villas don’t always have to be ancient buildings from centuries ago; they can also be gorgeous works of modern architecture, and Santorini Gem is a great example of the villas to get married in Santorini. This villa offers you a beautiful space of luxury, comfort and gorgeous views.

This place can work as your reception and ceremony venue, but also as your bridal suite to get ready before your big day. This villa comes with a big swimming pool and terrace that allows your guests to have a glance at the beautiful scenery that Santorini has to offer, indoor tables for your guests to dine, villa accommodation with all sorts of services for the night of your wedding and much more.

This is a great option if you want the Santorini villa wedding experience but with some more comfort and luxury involved. There are also all sorts of services for your wedding reception and ceremony, so you don’t have to search for vendors if you’re visiting from abroad.

Santorini Gem wedding venue in Santorini photo. Villas to get married in Santorini.


Now, if what you’re looking for is the ultimate bohemian wedding experience in Santorini, you have to take a look at Yalos, a beautiful venue located right at the Exo Gialos beach, at the root of a mountain eroded by the winds of the sea.

Yalos hosts beach parties throughout the year, but as a wedding venue, they will exclusively focus on your wedding being an amazing experience and offer you many options to personalize the venue,staying loyal to its characteristic bohemian decoration.

Yalos stands out as a wedding venue because of its unique and laid back style that will allow you to have the time of your life dancing on the dark sand of their beach. In terms of food, this venue has you covered, being a great example of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

Yalos Wedding venue in Santorini photo. Villas to get married in Santorini photo.
Santorini Venues and villas

As you can see, our island has a wide arrange of the villas to get married in Santorini. In terms of wedding venues, where you’ll often find a combination of beaches, villas and beach bars to satisfy your needs. Regardless of how you picture the day of your wedding, you’ll certainly find the perfect place in Santorini, where you’ll make the wedding of your dreams become a reality.

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