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A wedding in Santorini is a dream of many loving couples. Romantic ceremonies against astonishing sea views resemble fairy tales with a happy end. And these fairy tales can easily come true if you think thoroughly details and  wedding budget of the upcoming event in Santorini.

Planning costs are a key moment at planning any wedding. At this stage it’s important to set priorities and pay attention to the main points that affect your wedding expenses. Moreover, it needs to ascertain the payer and the purpose of payment.  This delicate issue must be solved together by two families. Feel free to ask any questions. The answers will affect on the future wedding steps. Just ask your parents how much they are ready to contribute into your wedding. It’s likely that your dearest people will take expenses of a ceremony, wedding reception or honeymoon. And fix upon about your finances. Today, many couples plan their wedding considering their own finances. Sum your amounts and it will be your wedding budget.

What is wedding budget formed from?

So, how much will your wedding in Santorini cost? The answer is easy: exactly as much as you are ready to spend for it. And, of course, the more impressive your celebration is, the more expensive it will be. The following points will factor into its final cost of the wedding budget in Santorini:

Firstly, the cost of the wedding venue in Santorini. Santorini is well-known of wonderful wedding venues for holding a wedding of any type. It can either be an open terrace with splendid panoramic view for small amount of guests, or a luxurious villa that can accommodate more than one hundred people. The rental cost of the venue will depend on its location and space.

Secondly, the wedding menu. The cost of a wedding reception directly depends on the number of guests. So the bigger your wedding is, the more expensive this part of the budget will be.

Thirdly, your wedding concept. It is just a couple’s fantasy that can affect on the final price of the event. These costs include creative wedding ideas, adding decoration, florists, lights and music.

Important tips

Finally, photo and video shooting. When choosing a wedding photographer in Santorini, don’t hesitate to study portfolio and feel free to ask any questions. It isn’t worth saving on this sort of thing. Your wedding pictures will stay with you forever. But whether to invite a video operator or not is only the newlyweds’ decision. If you want to capture every second of this great event, it will be possible only with the video shoot.

Choosing a hotel. What is the best place to stay for newlyweds and guests? There is a huge amount of hotels of different prices in Santorini and the choice will depend on your preferences. When booking a room, pay attention to the distance between the hotel and wedding venue. And, if necessary, the budget will include the costs of a shuttle service.

Entertainment and more

This expense is totally dependent on your finances and individual tastes. Your wedding in Santorini gives a great chance to travel around the most attractive places of this island. To services of newlyweds there are local sightseeing excursions, sailing trips, tasting tours and so on. To get more details on entertainment in Santorini, contact wedding planner.

Furthermore, wedding stylist and makeup artist is an important expense for any bride. This happy day any woman wants to look incredibly beautiful. And it can be easily reached with the help of professionals.

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Guests’ coming and accommodation

One of the most important things to think through is covering costs of guests’ flying tickets and accommodation. Every couple needs to solve this individually according to their finances. Newlyweds can pay either for tickets or accommodation of the guests. Another option is to cover all the costs using the couple’s budget.

At the beginning of planning costs, discuss all probable nuances about the presence of friends and relatives at the wedding. In some cases, newlyweds’ parents cover expenses of the guests’ tickets according to their number from each side. It’s worth remembering that amount of guests will factor in the wedding expenses. And the budget of the intimate wedding is several times less than final expense of a big and crowded event. Thus, a wedding with ten guests will cost about 2000$-4000$. This price includes a planner and ceremony, the cost of renting and decorating a venue, music and register service. The maximal wedding cost will be formed by additional services. As a result, the total wedding budget will vary from 2 200$ to 6 800$.

Unforeseen expenses

Unforeseen costs should be in the list of expenses. Add about 10% of the total cost of the wedding and it will be your reserve fund in case of force majeure. What can it be spent on? Having arrived in Santorini, you may get new ideas to make your event more impressive and memorable. Some couples want the guests to take small gifts from Greece or arrange a pre wedding surprise for the guests. In this case, you can buy the gifts using the reserve money. In the end, you will feel more confident if you know about the reserve money and spend it as you wish.

Thinking about how to plan one of the happiest days in your life and wedding budget in Santorini, contact with us and we will help you to arrange a unique event within your budget. We will always be in touch and offer the best options that match your understanding of a perfect wedding in Santorini.

Photo The wedding costs of the wedding in Santorini

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