The wedding dresses trends of 2021 photo

Wedding dresses trends of 2021

Wedding dresses trends of 2021

The current wedding trends of 2021 are taking a confident course towards timeless classics with expressive accents in the image of the bride. Neat lines of silhouettes, pure colors, expensive fabrics – elegant outfits in a minimalist style never go out of fashion and remain in the collections of many famous designers. Lush bows are used as decorative details to highlight the bride’s shoulders, chest or waist. Wedding in Santorini trends are no doubt reflect the worldwide tendencies in bridal industry.

The wedding dresses trends of 2021 photo

One of the hottest wedding fashion trends in 2021 is voluminous sleeves that can turn a modest dress into a royally luxurious outfit. In the upcoming season, this romantic detail has become even more magnificent and have turned into one of the key elements of the image. Delicately laced “bell sleeves” or spectacularly structured “lantern sleeves” are beautifully combined with bare shoulders to create a sensual silhouette.

Dresses with multi-layer skirts made of mesh, tulle, organza or taffeta either do not leave fashion podiums. In a dress with a fluffy skirt, any bride will feel like a princess from a magical fairy tale. The impression will be enhanced by a luxurious train or an airy veil. Designers continue to experiment with this piece of wedding image and suggest to replace the traditional veil with the cape or translucent robe with a distinct shoulder line.

Short lace dresses and elegant suits are ideal for those who want to move away from the classic canons and demonstrate their independence and impeccable taste. A “mini” or “midi” outfit will allow you to focus on luxurious shoes, while a stylish suit can later become part of your everyday wardrobe. 

Fashionable wedding dresses in 2021

A wedding dress with a revealing neckline is the perfect solution for creating a sensual look. Bold Y-cut outfits are featured in many designer collections for 2021. The overly cheeky effect of seductive necklines is softened by romantic decor elements such as lace capes, floral appliqués and embroidery.

The color palette of wedding dresses is still dominated by classic white and pastel shades. Creamy, powdery, peach and pale pink tones are complemented by blue, purple, yellow and mint colors. To construct bold and creative images, a brighter and more saturated gamma is proposed, which includes red, blue, brown, burgundy and purple colors.

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