Picture Wedding hairstyle trends 2019

Wedding hairstyle trends 2019

A beautiful hairstyle has an important role in the bride’s look. No matter how expensive and sophisticated her outfit is. A wedding look is unfinished without a beautiful hair styling.  Although, naturalness is a leading trend in 2019, don’t take the designers summons too literally.  Giving enough attention to choosing a hairstyle, you will stress the individuality of your look and show everybody your perfect taste. Forget about stereotypes. A fashionable wedding hairstyle 2019 is mainly your mood, style and vision of an ideal bride. And stylists’ recommendations that you can read in our article, will help you to orient in the key trends of the wedding hair-fashion.

A key trend of wedding hairstyles 2019. Negligent hairstyle.

A bride marring in 2019 is offered to look maximally natural and easy. Intricate and carefully lacquered  hair constructions are left in the past. Long, slightly twisted curls or gracefully disheveled strands. This is the choice of stylish brides of the upcoming season. A natural hair setting will harmoniously suit with any wedding outfit. At the same time, stylists don’t recommend to fulfill experiments with an image on the eve of your wedding.  Keep for later dramatic changes of hair length or color.

Wedding hairstyle trends 2019. A wedding hairstyle for long hair

Having a long hair is gorgeousness and pride of any girl. The choice of wedding hairstyles for long-haired beauties may be limited only by preferences of the bride herself. One of the ultimate trends of the season 2019 is romantically loose curled locks. This can be both soft wave locks, and lush large curly ends. No big hair, nor lacquered volumes. Only natural easy textures with easy shyness.  Whether it is necessary to speak that your hair must look well maintained and alive. It’s worth taking care of it in advance.  If necessary, have a healing procedures course a month before the event.

Loose hair is a perfect option for rustic, province and boho wedding styles. Beautifully maintained long hair can be adorned with live flowers, wreaths or beads.  It’s important that a hairdo doesn’t look out of the whole bride’s style.  A natural make-up and dress must stress the charming rustic ease, far from the pretentiousness and brilliance of glamor.

The main advantage of long hair is the ability to style any complicated and showy looks including any kinds of braids. The most popular long hair French braid in the season 2019 can be made without overhead locks. Then the styling will look as lively and natural as possible. The same can be said about other kinds of braiding including a Greek one. It implies using of a big hair volume.

Long-haired fans of elegant simplicity will adore a pony tale. This is claimed to be one of the leading trends of the season.  A tale can be made of both straight and curly hair.  A smoothly styled high tale  will highlight strictness and chastity of a newly wed.  A soft curls tale will create a more romantic and tender look. Especially it does, if you weave ribbons or lace flower accessories into that.  A low ponytale hairstyle harmoniously combines with a classic gown.  It can be decorated with a veil, tiara, elegant floral accessories or complemented with various weaves.

Wedding hairstyle trends 2019. Medium-length hairstyles

Medium-length hair owners are incredibly fortunate. They have access to all trendy wedding haircuts of the upcoming season.

Beautifully loose hair will stress a romantic mood of the look. Flower decor elements or an elegant diadem can soften perfectly smooth locks. And a bride will instantly turn into a charming princess from a fairy tale. Gracefully curly locks bring a special charm to the look. Also your hairstyle can be embellished with showy flowers or an original hairpin.

Beautifully braided hair remains to be the hit of the wedding hair-fashion. 2019 season braids become lighter and softer. Such effect is achieved by not tightly braided locks. At the same time, some of them can be left out of the styling. By such a way they form a lightly messy natural look.

As for braiding in itself, the choice of them is only limited by fantasy and preferences of a bride.

Wedding hairstyle trends 2019. Styles for short-length hair

Short hair owners must decide about a haircut in advance. It should be perfect and right for the shape of one’s face. The most popular haircut in the season 2019 is a bob. It allows to embody almost every bright ideas. Setting of strands can depend solely on your personal preferences and overall solution of the image. Perfect smoothness or graceful waves are suitable for elegant solutions in the retro style or Hollywood chic weddings.  A laconic hairstyle should be chosen if your wedding dress has a complex cut. Or if are lots of magnificent decor in the form of frills, ruffs and flounces on you weding gown.

Carelessly messy short hair will bring some special charming. At the same time, it would be a mistake to suggest that we can have such a result tumbling our hair in front of the mirror.  All natural “mess” hairstyles that we can often see on the wedding models, are the result of professional stylists’ work.

Effective accessories can accomplish a short hairstyle. You can use flowers, wreaths, a lovely hair slide, tiara or a bright headband. A veil which has been out of fashion, is coming back to wedding fashion collections again. In 2019, it can be almost of any length. In this case, the more magnificent your hairstyle is, the more modest veil should be.

Wedding hairstyles last trends 2019: French braid

A French braid is one of the most popular braiding techniques. It is perfect for making a charming bride’s look. Very comfortable and simple at execution, this braid will ideally accomplish any style. There can be a wide range of its variants. These are a classic braid falling on its back, and its reverse interpretation, and spectacularly braided locks in a “basket” or “crown”, and fantasy styling with a complex decor. This kind of a braid is often used as an additional element of the wedding styling. It can be, for example, some kind of a headband in a loose hairstyle.

Another spectacular version of the wedding braiding styling is a braid which creates the effect of a waterfall. This braid is horizontal, and the left out hair freely falls onto the shoulders. To make the hair more elegant, a satin ribbon is woven into the locks. You can also use a wreath or a flowers headband for decoration.

The side-made braid will emphasize sophistication of the rustic look. And the released on the face locks will add artistic carelessness to the boho style. Makeup in this case should not be defiant. Light nude shades will refresh your face and make it sweet and gentle.

Last wedding hairstyle trends 2019: Classic Bun

Knots hairstyle is also one of the leading trends of the wedding season 2019. The main concept of this styling is its maximal naturalness. It is easily achieved by styling your hair on the back of the head and leaving several locks out.  In the classic version, the upper part of the hairstyle remains perfectly smooth. In a more casual styling, it keeps the volume and lightness. And they perfectly emphasize the romance of a bride’s look.

When choosing a variant of the bun, it is necessary to take into account not only the shape of a girl’s face, but also the overall style solution of the look. A smooth French twist is ideal for a bride preferring traditions. An elegant hairstyle can be decorated with pearls, elegant tiara or spectacular combs. The novelty from stylists is satin ribbons wrapped around a bun and lowered onto the bride’s back.

A veil remains to be in the top of the most popular wedding accessories. It will look especially showy in a bun hairstyle. A veil, decorated with rhinestones or embroidery can become a bright detail in your look.  Then a hairstyle must be as laconic as possible and not be overloaded with complicated decorative elements.

A transparent veil attached to a headband or tiara, will turn a bride into a fairytale princess.  A multi layered floor-length veil will maintain some regal notes.  You can impress others with a puffy long veil, effectively falling down to the bride’s feet. The only drawback of such a loop  is impracticality. The bride should be careful about every step. That’s why it’s desirable to change it for something more simple or just refuse it to wear after the ceremony.

Wedding hairstyle trends 2019. Hollywood wedding hairstyles.

A Hollywood 1920s style associates with images of the world legendary stars. An incomparable, Marlene Dietrich, can be taken as a benchmark for a trendy wedding “à la Hollywood” hairstyle. This woman is an ultimate style icon, the embodiment of the flawless chick and elegance .  One of the features of a Hollywood retro is perfectly styled hair without any signs of negligence. Aristocratic large waves or rollers styling needs special bright accessories. Such as hair-pins decorated with rhinestones, tiaras, feathers, ribbons, caps and veils.

A vintage image requires a thoughtful approach to every detail. A stylish dress made of expensive fabric, glamorous makeup, chic accessories… and, of course, a hairstyle that completes the image of a gorgeous Hollywood bride.

Hollywood stars hairdressing  can be made on any length of hair. Long curls are set with the help of large curlers and spread to one side. Or it could be fixed in a high hairstyle, like the Audrey Hepburn’s one. A wave on the short hair is made with a curling iron. It is tightened with a styling or hairpins that also play a role of decor. A structured setting is easily created on the medium-length hair.  The large waves are fixed and tightened into a soft, low knot which opens a bride’s slim neck.  Refined Hollywood locks are perfectly combined with different kinds of styling. For example, with straight hair or French twists.  But at the same time, it’s very important to follow all style canons and support it with other outfit’s elements.

Wedding trends 2019 – Greek hairstyle, a favorite of the fashionable brides

It is a dream of every girl to transform into a real Greek goddess at least for a while.  It is easy to do a day before the wedding. This is the time when a bride has a chance to try on the role of a beautiful heroine of ancient myths. A sophisticated outfit with the classic cut and appropriate hairstyle will emphasize a divine bride’s status.  As for the medium- and long-length hair, it’s quite easy to make a Greek hairstyle. Short hair owners, if desired, can use overhead locks or hairpieces chosen for a main hair color.

One of the most popular Greek hairstyle is a puffy low knot. It can show the beauty and soft curve of a bride’s neck.  Several locks left out around the face emphasize the romantic mood of the young goddess. And the waterfall released from the knot will bring an unusual look to the hairstyle. A classic knot in the form of a cone will remind you of the traditional hairstyles of the Greek women. And a full “beehive ” will bring relaxed notes to the image.

Lightness and volume is the key of a styling in the Greek manner. These features are seen in the layered hairdo. Especially, when it is made of a thatch of beautifully curled locks.  A person with such styling is as open as possible. The main volume of that is created from behind with picturesque winding locks. A flowing waterfall behind her hair adds elegance and grace to a girl’s shape. Especially, if the bride prefers a bare shoulders dress.

Wedding hairstyles 2019. A Greek braid

A Greek braid confidently remains to be in the top of fashionable wedding hairstyles of the upcoming season. This kind of braiding is commonly used in our everyday life. However, a Greek braid made in the wedding interpretation,  turns into a real masterpieces of hairdressing. A little bit careless, inside out locks look light and free.  Not completely taken out locks create some additional volume. Greek braids are often laid to the side. A cascade of locks is led to the bride’s shoulder and chest. A more complicated option is using of several braids along the sides. They are joined behind the back into a fantasy styling with a fancy pattern.  An ideal decor for a Greek braid is real flowers or an elegant tiara.

Wedding hairstyle trends 2019. A greek ponytale for elegant brides.

A ponytale is one of the most simple and elegant ways of a wedding styling. It is very easily made.  The hair is tightened with a strap and rolled to the inside. The effect of the roller on the back of the head can be enhanced by left out locks.  A Greek tale looks great in all versions. But it is not as small as it may seem at first glance.

The tail with straight hair impresses with its severity and laconic elegance.

The tail, made of elegant curled curls, looks royally magnificent and stylish. Fantasy mixes of a tail and original braids are no less popular among the brides. In this case, the bride’s head is got round with fancy braids. They unite into the tail below which is often led to the side.

Wedding hairstyles trends 2019. Fashionable accessories.

A dominating principle of simplicity and naturalness of the wedding hairstyles allows a bride to have a minimal number of hair decor elements.  It’s not worth overloading your look with a puffy and volume hairdo which has lots of additional elements.  However, in many cases it is a correctly chosen accessory that becomes an icing on the cake of a stylish wedding look.

Well, wedding trends of the upcoming season take off  a veil from the pedestal. They offer to replace it with elegant headbands, sophisticated tiaras and flower wreaths.  When selecting jewelry options, you must take into account the stylistic mood of the image. For example, a lush wreath of flowers will perfectly complement a rustic style look. More bold solutions are available for brides who have chosen a relaxed boho style for their wedding. Wreaths, headbands, combs, headbands, hairpins… All these have no bounds at materials and decor.

Classic looks require careful selection of accessories. In the stylists recommendation there is a variety of hair-pins and ribbons. Using them, you can get the best of any kind of wedding hairdo. They also can make your hairstyle to look more expressive and spectacular.

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