Wedding manicure trends 2019-2020

Feminine bone-laces

Lace accents on the nails is one of the popular trends at the wedding nail-art. Sophisticated patterns in gentle boudoir style are ideally suitable to classical outfits and elegant princess look brides. A weightless lace veil is made by special techniques. It can be an extremely popular stamping as well as some designer’s handwork. Natural laces create the stunning effect of exclusiveness. They accurately resemble patterns of a wedding dress or veil.

Replacing of a white color on the ends of nails with lace design is an unusual solution. The patterns turning into gradient give a manicure delicacy and lightness. Thin netting can be embellished with rhinestones or small pebbles. However, you shouldn’t forget that a French manicure is famous with its elegance and a good taste. When decorating nails with shining elements, pay attention to its length.  The shorter your nail plate is, the smaller the rhinestones and design is.

Amount of decorated nails depends on the taste of a bride. Alternation of classic and lace designs is a trend of the season 2019-2020. And still, the lovers of extravagant solutions can have every nail decorated with lace-bone patterns. But then it will be an absolutely another story.

Reverse French manicure: Moon manicure

Reverse French manicure known as “a half moon”, during many seasons is on the top of the chart at the wedding nail design. Its key concept is a semicircular hole at the root of the nail plate. A more unexpected version of a reverse manicure is a triangular or rectangular hole. In the traditional design of the half moon manicure a nail is covered with natural shades and a hole – with a white color.

However, some creative brides have no boundaries. And the reverse French manicure appears in extremely original and bold color combos.  When choosing a shade for a half-moon French, the stylists recommend paying attention to the ones that dominate in the holiday’s decoration. A style decision of the bride is, of course, also very essential.  Popular lavender, lilac, turquoise, peach, coral, aquamarine tones are often used to embody the latest ideas in wedding decor. They will look great on nails, combining with each other or with strict white color.

As for the techniques of reverse manicure, the same methods are successfully used here as well as in its classical variant.  The use of brilliant textures (foil, sequins, glitters, metallic coatings, mirror powders) will create a bright and festive mood. But it is worth remembering the too bright and provocative elements on the nails will stand out. And they can distract the attention from the bride’s look.

A modeling manicure is considered to be rather for lovers of the outrageous style. In common life bas-reliefs have proved to be not very practical. You can express your individuality at the wedding, creating a real thematic composition on one of the nails. As well as other sides of decor, a bride with a good taste mustn’t act on every impulse and use enormous and extravagant compositions.  Elegant and soft flora patterns on a ring finger nail are more suitable for a young newlywed, who wants to stress the importance and value of the event. Finally, this is the finger that will get such a long-awaited wedding ring.

Wedding manicure: matte French manicure

A matte French manicure is a latest trend of the upcoming wedding season. Its main feature is an absolute lack of gloss. The effect is achieved by a special top cover which is used by nail art masters. A classic variant implies the maximal naturalness. This is what conservative brides love it for.

In a break with tradition, newlyweds are invited to dilute a too strict matte with restrained decor. To do this, one or several nails can be decorated with rhinestones at the base of the hole, or they can cover the entire plate of the nail. For example, the ring finger can be covered with thin crystal coating that contrasts with the main matte palette.

A combined French made in two techniques will look originally and unusual.  In this case one part of the nail is coated by gloss top cover, and another part – with a matte one.  Whether you like it or not, the best way to know is to try this long before the wedding.

Wedding manicure: alternative French manicure

One of the fashionable kinds of the traditional French manicure is alternative French.
Its techniques imply the using of colorful shades on the nail-ends instead of the white one. It’s desirable to choose shades according to the main colors of the wedding decor.  It’s also worth paying attention to the details of a bride’s look.  A manicure must ideally fit in the wedding theme, belonging together with a dress, decors and a bouquet.

A wedding manicure 2019-2020 with prints

Nail prints is a popular trend of the wedding manicure 2019-2020.  Fashionable brides have their nails embellished with flower patterns, charming butterflies, touching hearts, sweet bows, attractive geometry and even real paintings. The choice is up to the tastes and abilities of a newlywed.  You can have prints both on one or several nails. Classical shades of design are gentle pastels and white.

The ‘must have’ of this season is lace painting suiting other elements of the wedding outfit.  Place focuses with the bright shades that resemble the decorating colors.
Thus, you can always avoid of monotony of the look and give it graceful completion.

A drawing, made with the rhinestones, looks luxurious and dazzling, but only if it covers one or maximum two nails.  Otherwise, the glittering decor can do a disservice by giving a bride inappropriate vulgarity. Choosing design with rhinestones, take into account the length and shape of your nails. And follow a simple rule: the shorter the nails, the fewer stones on them.

A wedding manicure is made with several techniques. One of the most common techniques is stamping. It allows achieving as clear and beautiful lines as can be.  The drawings made with the help of special stencils are always perfect. A huge amount of existing designs can fit every taste. Moreover, this kind of decor doesn’t require a lot of time. This is highly important for the brides, who have very busy schedule before the wedding.

One more very popular nail design technique is the stickers. They let us to imply the most original art ideas. Themes for wedding manicure stickers include floral motifs, geometry and abstraction. The main colors are pale pastels that match the style of the wedding outfit.

In this season one of the main trends is the wedding manicure with an original hand-drawn design.  A future bride will need some efforts to implement the exclusive author’s idea.
First of all, you need to find not only an experienced master, but also an outstanding and artistic person. A specialist’s portfolio and clients’ feedbacks will better than anybody tell you about a master’s level.  And if you have luck, your wedding manicure will be really unique and can be easily claimed to be a masterpiece.

A wedding manicure with ombre effect

Gradient manicure is one of the most interesting areas at the fancy nail-art 2019-2020.  In the wedding manicure the gradient is traditionally made with pastel colors. And they are not only nude and white shades.  There can be pink, blue, bright green, peach, lavender tones in the most unexpected combinations, suitable for the chosen image.

An ombre manicure itself looks very impressive. So you shouldn’t weight its sophisticated beauty with an abundance of more decorations. A little rhinestones or crystal powder on a ring finger will just stress your gorgeousness. And it will also perfectly suit the shine of the wedding ring on your nail.

Wedding manicure ideas: experiments with decor

Wedding manicure 2019-2020 opens up a lot of opportunities for interesting experiments with design. Fashion trends offer to combine different shades of coatings and decor techniques. However, the formed over a long time canons are still being observed.  In other words, the bride’s manicure must be absolutely special and, at the same time, fully fit into the conceived image.

As a decor for a wedding manicure in the season 2019-2020, the entire toolkit of every self-respecting nail master can be used here. Rhinestones and stones, foil and sequins, crystal powders and paillettes, stickers and stamping, paintings and sliders, modeling and inlays, mirror powders and glitter… Wedding nail art designers skillfully combine all these decor techniques. They achieve amazing results and turn the bride’s nails into a piece of art.

Color scheme of a wedding manicure 2019-2020

The latest trends of the wedding nail industry retreat from the established canons. They give the bride full freedom to choose a color for her festive manicure. Traditional shades from a delicate pastel palette are still in vogue. A classical manicure in body-pink shades is perfect for a pure look of a delicate newlywed.  However, if you decided to break all stereotypes, almost all colors and shades of the rainbow spectrum are at your service.

A manicure made in the shades of the wedding color scheme will stress a pure taste of the bride.  Juicy colors of lacquer must be duplicated in the outfit’s details. Otherwise, the nails will be an accent that can distract everybody’s attention to them. An unusual manicure based on red, blue, emerald, purple or burgundy color can be performed in any of the popular techniques. The main thing is not to overdo with the decor. A bright manicure also requires a thorough choice of a shape and length of nails. And the best way for that is to think about it in advance, better two weeks before the event.

Nail shape for a stylish wedding manicure

Choosing a nail shape for a wedding manicure it’s necessary to take into account not only the latest trends. Individual characters of a bride’s hands play also an important role.

  • An absolute headline of the season 2019-2020 is almond-shaped nails. They will look stylish and incredibly womanish on a delicate hand with slim fingers and long nail plate. S. Almost any nail shape will look beautifully on this type of hands. There can be a soft square, oval, some extravagant manicure types, such as “ballerina” or “pipe”.
  • Owners of large hands with wide palms are advised to choose a round shape of nails of small length. Such a manicure will give your hands a delicate finesse.
  • Square shape is perfect for an elegant French manicure. The best length is medium, as well as for an oval shape manicure.
  • Spiky long nails “stiletto” are the choice of extravagant brides. Such a manicure will look beautifully on slim fingers.  But if you didn’t get used to wearing such nail shapes, it’s better to check their wearability several weeks before the wedding.
  • The “ballerina” nails got its name due to the similarity with ballet shoes, as if a dancer is standing on her toes. The main feature of them is narrow square nail ends. This shape is good for any hands of every length and thickness of nails.
  • “Pipe” nails will give a bride some flamboyant, eye-catching look. Their long tips almost fold into thin tubes, hence the name, meaning “pipe” in English.

A perfect wedding manicure: some advices and recommendations

Neat, well-kept hands is a key condition for creating a perfect wedding manicure. At the same time, it is not necessary to grow unthinkable long nails. It’s better to spend this time for good careful hand care. Moreover, the necessary length of a nail is easily corrected in a saloon.

  • Deciding with a design, take into account a stylistic decision of the bride’s image. And select shades that harmoniously suit the colors of the wedding.
  • It’s worth testing the chosen design and unusual length of nails in advance, a few weeks before the appointed time of the wedding. Select the bright colors of lacquer especially carefully, paying attention to their compatibility with a skin tone.
  • An optimal decision for a wedding is a gel-manicure. It provides a perfect coating during the whole celebration.
  • And several sessions of paraffinotherapy before the wedding will definitely effects on your hands skin condition and your manicure will look truly perfect.
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