Wedding Planner in Santorini, Greece

Wedding Planner in Santorini and Athens, Greece

A wedding is an event that stays forever in your memory! But what is the best way to show an emotional atmosphere except touching pictures? Do you want to save for long incredible beauty of your wedding in the wonderful photos? We offer you a great opportunity to have an individual pre-wedding photo session.  Neither mess, nor fuss, only you in charming bride look and professionally designed wedding surroundings! These impressions will give you only positive emotions about your wedding and the beauty of pictures will joy for many years!

Wedding Planner in Santorini and Athens, Greece.

Pre-wedding photosession

5 guides to help you to make a pre-wedding photo session in trend for 2017:

1.Elegant look

A bridal look is a very important part of every wedding. It must have individuality and the last trends of a wedding season. When choosing a look, a Greek style will be undoubtedly on the top this year. Greece is beckoning with its sophistication and delicacy.

A Greek style wedding dress will softly stress your shape showing lightness and elegance. Wedding dress designers, Elena Fedorova and Elena Goloshchapava can help you to find a dress, and having seen it you will be sure it is created especially for you! And Eleni Papadopoulou will be happy to wear a makeup accentuating your beauty.

2.Essential additions

Wedding floristry is an always labour-intensive process. But the end result will be worth it! The head specialist Alisa Sitaridi keeps always up with the times and creates real floral masterpieces! This year’s safe choice is an “eco” or “ecochic” style. It will create a natural, harmonious atmosphere on your wedding, light green branches will add naturalness to the decoration and forest’s smell will make everybody happy.

3.Wedding decorations

The main thing here is not to overdo and carry about the compatibility of all decorative attributes with an idea of the whole event but not only between each other.

Handmade decorations have become very popular now because they can show your wedding style more exactly. How to make a perfect decoration? Margarita Radeva can answer this question. She uses a harmonic combination of geometric shapes for 2017 year wedding season. These forms have “alive” colors, style and beauty shines. In the Greek wedding style you can use Greek ornaments, real clay products, olive and laurel branches that will perfectly beautify the table decorations.

4.Color shades

Among all variety  of different shades, it’s important to choose perfectly looking together colors and pleasing to the eye.

Trends 2017 are based on the combination of colors such as soft blue, olive with possible gold elements, and traditionally white. The Greek islands are a perfect place  to use the balance of white and white-blue colors to print invitations, while a pomegranate theme is perfect for a wedding in the villa. For example, the Hatzis House is an amazing place and can be kindly provided by Evgeniya Limanzaki. The Creative Printshop specialist group will help you to create a sophisticated design for your wedding invitations!


To get a desired result after all preparation works for a pre-wedding photo session, you need the support of an experienced organizer.

Marina Gruzdeva offers individual attention to every wedding. In her work she gives much prominence to the groom and bride’s desires to make them enjoy these days. Marina Gruzdeva takes the responsibility to work out other issues. Having long experience, she will easily prompt you all nuances of a wedding and will help you to choose a place, hotel, specialists and many other things!

And if you wish your event would be popular in many parts of the world you can contact a web-designer, Lese Papadopoulou. Kristallina Paraimati from the CrystalFairytaleEvents can help you to create an incredibly tasty, elegant and sweet table.

When everything is ready, all that’s left is to choose a photographer and videographer! Irina Dianova-Spiru is the photographer who catches real emotions and makes wonderful pictures. And the videographer, Danil Semenets, can create a video impressing you even in decades.

Photosession creative team:

1) Evgenia Limantzaki – Ktima Xatzi – “Hatzi Mansion”

2) Irina Dianova-Spirou – Photographer –

3) Sila Papdopoulou – Creative Designer –

4) Marina Gruzdeva – Wedding Planner –

5) Alisa Sitaridi – Floral Stylist – FB Alisa Sitaridi

6) Elena Goloshchapava and Elena Fedorova – Wedding Dresses Designer – FB Noel Collection

7) Krystallina Paramythi  – Crystal Fairytale Events  – Sweet Table

8) Alina Demhcenko – Model FB

9) Eleni Papadopoulou – MUAh – FB Beauty Moments by Eleni

10) Margarita Radeva – Ceramic Art –

11) Danil Semenets – Video FB

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