Wedding in Santorini. Choice of a wedding venue

Wedding… This exciting event is one of the happiest episodes in the life of a loving couple.

It’s a big pleasure to prepare for it beforehand thinking through every detail. And there’s no happy bride, who would give it up. That’s why, doing the first steps to a perfect wedding, you need to decide on a place to hold it. Most people tend to give up traditional crowded restaurant banquets. They choose rather to hold romantic ceremonies in various picturesque places worldwide. And one of these places is the Greek island of Santorini. Their landscape is like a specially made for a real fairy tale marriage. In its astonishing nature any holiday will look like a luxury Hollywood performance. And the main heroes of the performance are the newly weds, who turn this big day into the great love-fest.
The natural beauty of Santorini is one of the reasons why lovers from whole world come here. Ancient legends tell that marriages made in this paradise, are under divine protection. That’s why there are so many temples and churches here. So you can perform the sacrament of a wedding, seeking the support of divine powers.

Moreover, in Santorini, there is a huge choice of spectacular venues for any wedding style. Unique beaches, luxury villas, fashionable yachts, stylish restaurants and beautiful terraces…Any of these places can be turned into a venue for your ceremony. And the memories about it will always keep its emotional fullness.

Choice of a wedding venue.

The choice of a wedding venue is one of the most important tasks. The comfort and spirit of newly weds depend on a decision made. Even if you have already been to Santorini, the search of a perfect place can be a problem and to spoil all the fun of pleasant pre-wedding turmoil.  A thoughtful wedding scenario needs equal entourage. This must create love and romantic atmosphere.

For this reason it’s better to entrust the search of an ideal place to professionals. The people, who have wide experience in Santorini wedding organization.

Wedding venues in the collection made by the Oniro staff are the best locations. And you can bring to life the most original wedding ideas. They include the following:

Villa Irini

This site, famous for its stunning natural views, is located near the Saint Irene Church. The church is considered to be the patroness of all newly weds.

The venue for wedding ceremonies is a beautiful snow-white terrace with a breathtaking panorama of the Caldera and Aegean Sea. Villa Irini is a perfect place for an elegant wedding (up to 20-30 persons) and a photo session with the gorgeous nature backgrounds. Having rented this location, you’ll get a stylish venue, designed with elegant wedding attributes. Your love and fidelity vows will sound especially sweet here.

Rocabella Santorini Hotel and Spa

Wedding in Santorini.

This five-star hotel is located in the picturesque village Imerovigli. And it hospitably provides any of their terraces for weddings.  Do you dream of a luxury wedding ceremony?  Then the Rocabella hotel is exactly what you’re looking for. Stylish design and incredibly high service create a comfortable atmosphere for the most demanding guests.  Open snow-white terraces have incredibly amazing views of the sea and the Caldera.  The hotel complex includes one of the most popular Santorini spa-centers.
It means that the next day you can go on enjoying your holiday in the same luxury and peaceful atmosphere.

Santo Wines Venue

Photo for Santo Wines wedding venue

This wedding venue is an open terrace of a big winery. It was built especially for reception of the eminent guests.  The location is situated in Pirgos village and impresses with their panoramic views of the island and comfortable settlement. It’s possible to place a huge amount of visitors (including persons with disabilities) here. One more reason of popularity of this venue is an opportunity to taste the white Santorini wine. This is included in the rent.  After the ceremony all the guests get a glass of fine white wine, which is produced of the local grape, has unique taste, and saturated with the Greek sun.

Oceanids Estate Villa

Wedding in Santorini.

The wedding venue is located directly on the sea coast. And it will live out your dreams of a romantic and amazing ceremony. The place is created especially for wedding receptions. Even the biggest party will be totally private.  Great pre-wedding parties and elegant ceremonies followed by banquets and entertainment program are held here.  Fascinating sea landscapes will become wonderful backgrounds for video and photo shooting. The rent includes service of staff, professional music with a DJ, and wedding decor authentic items.

Suites of the Gods Complex

Photo for wedding venue in Santorini- Suites of the Gods

The wedding venue Suite of the Gods is one of the most popular places for newly weds in Santorini.  If you want to have not only a romantic and memorable ceremony, but also enjoy the most beautiful sunset in the world, then this location is created to fulfill your dreams. It offers views of the astonishing sea and famous Caldera panorama. The venue can include both a huge and modest amount of wedding guests.  More information please find here: may also organize a private romantic dinner here. It’s a good way to make the most important declaration in your life.  And rest assured it will be mutual.

Wedding venue Le Ciel

Wedding Venue in Santorini. Photo

LeCiel is a perfect place to have a wedding ceremony in the luxury Hollywood style.  The open terrace located on the Caldera cliff, is very capacious and elegant.  Wedding guests will never forget the beauty of surrounding landscapes. And against this background your couple will look like real heroes of an amazing love story.  Your holiday can be continued in a stylish restaurant, which is equipped with the latest trends in the wedding industry. Following the link please find the terms and conditions

Theros Wave Bar location

Wedding in Santorini.

The authentic atmosphere of the TherosWaveBar venue leaves the traces of exclusiveness upon any ceremony here.  It is situated just a few steps from the sea and lets fulfill the most outstanding wedding ideas.  TherosWaveBar is an ideal place for beach marriage ceremonies and private parties. In such relaxing environment you can feel out all the depth of emotions to your lover. Confirm the sincerity of them by a touching vow at the marriage ceremony. More photos and rental terms please find here

Private villa Cavo Ventus

Wedding planner in Santorini

One of the most luxury VIP-level private villas offers to have an elegant wedding in the surroundings of overwhelming panoramic views of the sea and Caldera Acrotiri. There is a beautiful garden on its territory, where you can have an exclusive wedding photo session. The villa offers guests a comfortable swimming pool. Relax here, enjoying the emerald green landscapes of the Aegean Sea.

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