Wedding trends 2019

Wedding trends 2019
A marriage proposal is one of the most exciting events in every girl’s life.  Having received a cherished declaration  of love and sparkling ring on a finger, a future bride dives into the dreams about a wedding. And certainly, it mustn’t be usual, but exclusive, unique, stunning and fabulously beautiful. We hasten to congratulate you! Following the current trends 2019, you will be able to achieve a desired goal and turn your wedding into the bright celebration. So that it will definitely give you and your guests the plenty of enthusiastic emotions.

Wedding concept style 2019

Must have of the season 2019 is a quiet, intimate wedding with a little amount of guests. Large-scale banquettes with a huge amount of people became irrelevant several seasons ago. It’s connected with the changes of the philosophy itself. Today this event is appreciated not for its outward tinsel and extravagance, but the specialty of the moments, and opportunity to share them with the dearest people and family.

The concept of an intimate wedding implies the presence of 15-50 quests from the closest circle of newlyweds.  The time that can be saved on making an endless list of guests could be rationally spent on choosing some interesting venue for your holiday. A banal registration in a formal setting and the banquet following it in a pathetic restaurant can be replaced by an on-site ceremony at a flowering forest glade, on a picturesque beach, in a brutal loft or at romantic décor of an old mansion.
The trends of the season 2019 push back the limits and allow you to make any dreams and fantasies truth.

Wedding design 2019

Spectacular decor is an important component of any wedding ceremony.  Geometric shapes were declared to be one of the current trends 2019. Original round, triangular and other unusual shapes arches are decorated with flower arrangements and climbing plants. Couples who married in 2018 have already met with the fashion of round arches. This shape will still stay popular in the following season.  However, wedding designers recommend paying attention to other variants. They can be triangles, rectangles, lozenges and polyhedra decorated in the style of an upcoming event.

Wedding geometry will be further seen in other kinds of accessories.  Round or cubic vases with flowers, original pendant structures, serving elements, the form of invitation cards or cards for guests… Feel free to experiment with any attributes. And the results will exceed all your expectations.

Unusual 3D mapping is an original way of arranging your banquet. It enhances both the wedding theme and key elements of decor.

Neon elements have become an absolute trend of the upcoming season.  Neon sign plates and installation are offered to be used for the arrangement of the key venues including a banquet hall.  Neon light looks especially magnificent in the subdued lighting or darkness.  That’s why during designing a light project, it is highly important to consider that.

Wedding trends 20192019 season’s color palette

The cosmic ultraviolet which was the king of the outgoing year, has been changed to the tenderness and optimism of coral shades.

Warm and natural live coral that has been declared as a color of the year by the Pantone Institute is perfect for decorating a wedding in one of the romantic styles. At the same time, it is not necessary to keep monochrome, which was recently considered to be the trend of wedding fashion.

Pastel or saturated coral shades can be diluted by other color accents. And it’s acceptable to use only two-three shades or give rein to imagination, mixing soft corals with saturated contrast ones.

The next current colors for the season 2019 are the sky-blue and turquoise.  Reminding of the azure waters of the Mediterranean, these colors are perfectly combined with trendy coral, a muted yellow, white and peach color scheme. The dusty pink and chocolate shades will emphasize the sophistication and nobility of the gray-blue. This combination is a great option for a romantic summer wedding in rustic style with its warm, nature atmosphere.

The elegant beige scheme continues to be trendy in the wedding season 2019.  Ivory, champagne, antique, milky-peach, powdery… The beige tones just glow with warmth and tenderness. Moreover, their neutral palette combines perfectly with other saturated and cheeky colors.

Lavender, sunny yellow, smoky gray, Marsala, soft pink… Take them to arrange color tints in the classic white palette. And your wedding will get its own, sophisticated and unique style.  Use this way to arrange both a wedding ceremony venue, and the newlyweds’ outfits.

Trendy wedding dress of the season 2019

2019 season’s wedding trends focus on the bride herself and minimize the amount of external attributes. Simple, concise lines, combined with a perfect fit, form a graceful silhouette, which is impossible to look away from. The basic vector in the direction of minimalism was set by the main wedding of 2018. The elegant bridal look of the queen Meghan Markle became an orienting point for many brands of the wedding fashion world.  Expensive kind of fabric with a noble dull matte emphasizes true aristocracy of a simple silhouette dress.

Pants- and jumpsuits have confidently taken the second place in the top wedding dress trends of 2019. Cheeky models in the mellow style better than anything meet the main trend’s appeal of the upcoming season. The appeal is to maintain the ease and naturalness even in romantic atmosphere of the wedding ceremony. One year ago a pants suit was used more as an outfit for the second wedding day. But in the season 2019 it has pride to be a main outfit of a stylish bride.

Emphasized sexuality is one more trend which was supported with enthusiasm by many famous designers.  Low-cut dresses made of translucent airy materials, daring mini models, bold lace inserts and cuts provoke and excite the imagination. In the stylists’ forecasts there are flamboyant looks made of gossamer net. They better than anything suits for a seashore ceremony. The challenge is softened by ponchos and capes. They delicately restrain frank sensuality and sexuality of a bride’s look.

Wedding trends 2019

Boudoir dresses don’t also surrender from perceived positions. Flowing silk and satin models, decorated with luxurious lace or feathers on the lower neck… All these impress with their elegant silhouette lines and give the bride real glamorous chic.

Luxury is still in force! This is under this slogan which podiums of fashionable wedding shows are captured by the luxurious designs with the plenty of laces and puffy skirts. This is the choice of brides who dream to be princesses since their childhood.  The dress will be completed with a veil. It comes out of the shadows and becomes one of the key accessories in the season 2019.

The wedding gowns’ color palette long ago goes beyond the boundaries of stereotypes.  Exquisite pearl-gray, sky-blue, yellow, pink and lilac shades are competitors of the traditional snow-white color today. Creative brides have a chance to shock others around with their bright colors that have a place even for a black one.

Images of the style 2019

In the upcoming season a bride’s look pushes the boundaries of traditional canons.  Natural or bohemian make-up, slightly disheveled or elegant knot gathered hairstyle… The main thing is that the style of the bride meets the concept of a celebration. Too much official polished bouquets have been changed to picturesque compositions that at the first glance seem to be carelessly gathered.  The trend season is a one big flower which is very easy to catch for bridesmaids.

Summing up the key wedding tendencies review 2019, it’s necessary to state the following: Whatever style your wedding is organized in, and whatever number of guests are present at it, love is something that always remains on trend. And your happy eyes will be the best decoration at this holiday. Always be loved and happy. Sincerely yours, Marina.

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