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Wedding trends of 2021

Wedding trends of 2021

The outgoing 2020 has become a real challenge for the wedding industry. The lockdown during the coronavirus epidemic forced many newly married couples to postpone their wedding date for an undetermined period. However, experts predict that in the coming year the situation will change for the better and they also recommend to start planning the celebration now. After all, preparing for a wedding is a fascinating and creative process that requires complete immersion and unconditional attention to detail. And the first step towards the dream of the perfect ceremony will be to explore the current  wedding trends and tendencies of 2021.

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Wedding tendencies in  2021

At the first stage of preparation, the newlyweds have to decide on the style and format of the wedding celebration. The main trends of the coming year return us to the family values, which are especially important for everyone during this difficult period. In regard with the current events, comfort and safety come first, as well as close attention to hygiene. Chamber formats, which gather a small number of guests for the celebration, remain a priority.

Main wedding tendencies in 2021.A wedding with a limited number of invitees will not only minimize the risks associated with the spread of infection, but also give the opportunity to create an exceptional warm family atmosphere. And this is a definite trend in 2021, aimed at maintaining traditions and gradually moving away from thematic celebration scenarios. They are steadily replaced by classical-style ceremonies with an emphasis on decor and floristry.

Chamber wedding is a great way to share the best moments of life with your family and close friends. Pay them a special attention, making sure that every guest feels as comfortable as possible. Make sure that you have arranged a transfer to the ceremony in advance. Try to prepare small gifts for everyone you invite to show your gratitude for their presence. And don’t forget to keep your guests busy during your wedding photo break.


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Wedding style and decoration 2021

Wedding trends in 2021 continue to move towards eco-friendly solutions, which can be seen not only in the decoration of the ceremony, but also in the approach of a celebration. When choosing decor, it is recommended to opt for jewelry made from natural, unprocessed materials, completely abandoning synthetic products. For floristic design, it is proposed to use plants that can later be planted in open field. In the process of preparing for the wedding, it is necessary to think over every detail of the ceremony, including the subsequent cleaning of the territory where the celebration was held, and utilization of wastes.

The real trend of the upcoming season is voluminous floral compositions, collected as naturally and carelessly as possible. It is proposed to decorate the arch, dance floor and banquet tables with such bouquets. Seasonal flowers and plants that grow in the region are the best options for creating stylish wedding compositions.

When decorating wedding locations, do not forget about lighting, which will play one of the key roles in the upcoming season. Spectacular lights installations, neon displays and vintage lamps will help zoning the space and create a unique romantic atmosphere.

Wedding trends for 2021 support the mood and aesthetics of the boho style that was popular in the 1970s. Wicker furniture, wooden decor elements, accessories made using the macramé technique and textured textiles are used for decoration.


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Color palette for the season 2021

The wedding color scheme of the season 2021 continues to delight with the variety and richness of shades, among which prevail natural tones. At the same time, the fashionable palette contains both delicate pastels and more saturated and juicy colours, that are perfectly combined with a neutral base. Wedding designers recommend not to be afraid of experiments and boldly mix several colours with each other, thus expressing your sense of life and your own vision of an ideal ceremony.


The incredible “Amethyst Orchid” occupies one of the key places in the palette of fashionable shades according to the experts from the “Pantone” Institute. Refined amethyst blends perfectly with creamy white and delicate beige tones. This color has a strong positive energy and can be a real source of inspiration when developing a color concept for a celebration.


A romantic mood, perfect for a summer wedding in a classic style, will be emphasized by light and delicate shades of pink. The moderately rich and juicy “Pirouette” color from the “Pantone” palette will help creating an elegant image of the bride and will be the most appropriate in decorating the wedding venue. A more complex variation of the pink theme is “Purple Rose”, which combines the tenderness of pink pastels and the depth of lilacs. This color will be the best option for a spring outdoor wedding. It is proposed to be used in looks of newly married couples and floral decoration.  

Colour palette 2021 photo

More wedding 2021 colours 


One of the most stylish shades of the neutral 2021 palette is “Macchiato”, reminiscent of romantic meetings with a cup of aromatic caffe latte. This noble color will help to create a surprisingly harmonious, calm atmosphere of the ceremony, which will be comfortable for every guest. For the bright accents designers recommend to use another trend of the season – “Marigold”. It is a juicy color, rich shade of yellow-orange marigolds.


In the “Pantone” palette, there are suitable options for admirers of elegant blue colours. The shade “Indigo Bunting” captivates with the depth of bright blue sea. In addition, this color goes very well with neutral pastel shades, and also with black and white classics.


At first glance, the golden brown shade «Rust» is not quite suitable for a traditional wedding. However, if you are repelled by too bright and saturated colours, take a closer look at this noble color, which has absorbed the light and warmth of the gentle sun rays. Restrained shades of brown are perfectly combined with red and yellow colours and can be successfully used in the looks of newlyweds, in the wedding venue decor, in a banquet hall or a photo zone. 


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