Popular wedding themes for wedding in 2021 photo

The most popular wedding themes of 2021 ( part 3)

Weird Style

To continue with the most popular wedding themes of 2021 we want to go to the weird style.The opposite of the classical style, the weird one is the choice of bright, brave and creative newlyweds. This is the embodiment of the most non-standard ideas free from formalisms. The color palette is rich, contrast, in the most original and terrific combinations. The tone is set by the extravagant wedding attributes and fancy decoration that provides so much scope for the imagination.

The most popular wedding themes of 2021 photo. Weird Style photo.

Fashion vocabulary: eclectic, explosive, charming.

Images: colorful short dress, spectacular accessories, bright makeup, creative hairstyle with colored locks, unusual bouquet, bright prints, casual look for the groom, bright details of clothes, multicolored socks, sneakers.  

Rustic Style

The main elements of the rustic wedding are the natural textiles and ecologically friendly materials. Despite the simplicity and roughness of decoration, the rustic style looks rather refined and its elements are harmoniously accompanied. The color scheme stays maximally close to the natural shades. The color palette has iridescent green, beige, wheat, sapphire and brown tints. The decoration includes wood, burlap and different garden accessories.

The most popular wedding themes f 2021. Rustic Style photo.

Fashion vocabulary:  natural, rural.

Images: a casual dress made of airy natural fabrics, lace, stoles, shawls, natural curly hairstyle, a voluminous braid, wreath, massive accessories made of wood or stone, informal suit for the groom, suspenders as the accessories, hat, and bow tie.

Location: a bank of a water body, stylized hut, tent, shed.

Details: draperies and accessories made of burlap, decorative cache and flower pots, baskets, floral pattern

Preppy Style

Bright colors, odd geometrical patterns and plenty of flowers are the things that give a cheerful and light mood at the preppy wedding. This concept is perfect for young and energetic couples who wish to get out of classical canons and demonstrate their individuality. They mostly use modern graphic elements and unusually lively colors which go in contrast with the traditional white palette.

Preppy style Santorini wedding

Fashion vocabulary: bright, playful, inspiring.

Images: light multi-layered dress with a minimum of décor, messy hair style, long locks, effective accessories, bouquet of peonies, classical costume for the groom.

Location: country club, open terrace, villa

Natural Style

The name of this style talks for itself. The main idea is to get closer to the nature. Natural materials are used in decoration, and the menu includes farm products. The color palette mostly has calm natural shades: milky, olive, beige, grey and blue, grey, and so on.

Fashion vocabulary:  ecological, organic, natural.

Images: airy dress made of natural fabrics, wooden and stone accessories, bouquet of wild flowers, decorative grass, succulents, natural hairstyle, informal costume for the groom.

Natural style Santorini wedding

Location: garden, open yard, forest, country hotel, beach.

Details: raw textures, organic materials, plenty of greenery, natural textiles.

Glamorous style

Feel like you are real stars at the glamorous wedding. Everything must be really brilliant, splendid outlooks, stunning hair styles, plenty of colors and gloss. Even the most ordinary way of giving out drinks can turn into a real show. The color scheme of the event is maintained in light colors with the hints of gold or silver accents.

Fashion vocabulary:  brilliant, shiny, luxurious.

Glamorous Santorini wedding

Images: magnificent dress made of expensive fabric, décolleté, crystals and rhinestones for decoration, expressive accessories, high heels, impressive volume hair styles, tuxedo for a groom. 

Location: luxury property, villa, yacht, expensive restaurant.

Details: gloss surfaces, rhinestones, elegant floristic arrangements, silk and satin tablecloths, crystal, high candlesticks.

Modern Style Wedding with the most popular wedding themes of 2021

The main feature of such a wedding is an exquisite laconism. The modern style conquers with the bright contrast of colors united with one creative ides “color-block”. There can also be metal industrial colors, steel, bronze, chrome. The main focus of the design is realization of original ideas. This style maintains geometric shapes and precise lines. The theme of the wedding is reflected in every decorative and serving detail. 

Fashion vocabulary:  minimalistic, creative, urban.

Images: an exquisite dress with a simple cut, original designer sets, trendy jewelry with metal or plastic elements, a simple bouquet of unusual plants, a jacket and trousers of different shades for the groom, a stylish haircut, creative accessories.

Modern Santorini wedding

Location: loft of the location, roofs, galleries or open space. 

Details: geometric shapes, contrasting colors, glass and metal in the design, light letters, unexpected solutions.

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