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It’s highly important to realize the effectiveness we add to your wedding in Santorini as your Wedding Planner. Surely, if you hire a Wedding Planner, this is an additional cost to your wedding in Santorini. That is why this factor may influence when making selection.

We act according to the business standard of charging. Your wedding planning fee will depend on the amount of guests expected on your event and the on the versatility of entire wedding. The price usually based on the services included, responsibilities, size of meeting etc.
It’s important to know the wedding planning fee is not a one for everything. Each of us has a unique wedding vision. And a wedding planner in Santorini will adjust the offering to meet your various wishes.


What services does a wedding planning fee include?

Your wedding planning fee depends on the type of professional you’re hiring. It can be a full-benefit, month-of, or day-of planner. Wedding planner costs also vary on the planner’s dimension of skills, among many other factors. More qualified pros usually fix with a higher price tag.

Here are some services that wedding planner in Santorini may include:

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