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Santorini is a love at the first sight! Touching and romantic… Warming and inspiring….

20 years ago I came to Santorini island and didn’t resist this amazing beauty. I’m still living here and help loving couples to fulfill their craziest ideas for a perfect Santorini wedding.

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My name is Marina.I'm a reative, personable, and organized Santorini wedding planner with more than 10 years of event planning experience. Customer service-oriented and committed to interpreting the clients’ vision of their event and turning it into reality. Calm and professional under pressure, I am an assertive individual who ensures each Santorini wedding is a success because there’s nothing better than to look at shining faces and hear words of thanks from lovely customers.

As a result of work of the “Marvellous Wedding” Santorini wedding planner boutique agency, we’ve created a small but a creative team. Our main goal is helping couples arrange their dream wedding.

The incredible azure of the Aegean Sea, smart snow-white houses with blue roofs, stunning views to Caldera... Your words will sound more beautiful in the unique atmosphere of this amazing island. We will help you fulfill any idea, however extraordinary they seem.Remember that we, as your wedding planner in Santorini, will help you with the selection of Santorini vendors, as well as the decorations and all other details that will make your celebration uniquely yours. However, all of these aspects will be based on the type of Santorini wedding package that you choose. We personally offer a wide selection of Santorini wedding planner packages, which can be altered to fit your needs. For instance, our civil wedding packages. for 2024-2025 are fixed and centred towards celebrations that include up to 15 people. If you wish for your Santorini marriage ceremony to be more exclusive, you’ll take great pleasure in our elopement wedding package, in which we provide all the essentials for a quintessential intimate affair. On the other hand, if your celebration is bigger, we can recalculate the package or offer a wedding planner fee option. As we previously mentioned, all of these can be further personalised, so rest assured that we’ll have everything covered from start to finish.

A perfect Santorini wedding needs paying attention to details. But you won’t waste your time in search of different experts. We’ll think through a wedding concept in intimate details and put it into life. At the same time, your dreams and wishes won’t be overlooked as well. Our Santorini wedding planning cooperates with leading Santorini wedding experts. We guarantee high results, no matter what a task is. Among our qualities are negotiation skills to bridge the gag between the clients and the vendors. As well as an ability to perform calmly our duties in high-street situations. Finally we are aware of a wide variety of cultural and religious customs as expressed in wedding ceremonies and celebrations.

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